Nitro 7 Cold Brew Coffee is the new hype

Nitro 7 is a whole new way of enjoying coffee over ice! You get nitro brew when nitrogen is added to coffee.

The colorless, orderless gas gives nitrogen-infused coffee its distinct taste and texture, which makes it a popular choice among coffee lovers. Nitro 7 has been serving nitrogen-infused coffee brews to Filipinos even before cafes and restaurants have started tapping the trend.

Nitro 7 uses locally grown coffee beans (from Benguet), to make inexpensive blends accessible to most Filipinos. At Nitro 7, one can choose over a selection of coffees over ice, blendpresso, creamy blends, and teas.

I have switched out my hot cup of coffee for a cold brew Nitro 7 to take advantage of its unique flavor and added benefits it has to offer.

Nitro coffee has lower levels of acidity than regular coffee. Less acidity means less risk of stomach discomfort. This mildness is beneficial especially for people who have low acid tolerance.

The low level of acids also results to its unique taste and decreases the bitterness of nitro coffee.

Nitro coffee actually tastes sweeter than regular coffee. There is sweetness without the sugar.

And since it does not require added sugar, nitro coffee is a good alternative to help you cut your sugar intake and help cut down on calories. There is no need for milk or creamer to enhance the texture of nitro coffee.

Nitro coffee offers a frothy and foam-like texture that sets it apart from regular coffee.

Just like regular coffee, Nitro 7 contains caffeine, antioxidants and beneficial micronutrients such as riboflavin and pantothenic acid. It is higher in caffeine though.

Nitro 7 coffee is made using a higher ratio of coffee grounds to water --- 30% more caffeine per ounce than regular coffee.

Nitro 7 also offers traditional cakes, cookies and sandwiches that are perfect for afternoon tea time or snacks.