Pru Life UK partners with St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) for a more convenient claims process

Last September 5, 2019, British life insurer Pru Life UK forged a new partnership with St. Luke’s Medical Center to ease critical illness claims process for its policyowners.

SLMC SVP and Chief Medical Officer Benjamin Campomanes Jr.; MD, President and CEO Arturo Dela Peña, MD; Pru Life UK President and CEO Antonio  De Rosas, Pru Life UK EVP and Chief Financial Officer Francis Ortega and Pru Life UK VP and Chief Underwriter Samuel Balbin

The new process provides a seamless claims experience with simpler requirements, streamlined claims filing onsite, and timely status updates to policyowners. In addition, claimants can also enjoy other exclusive benefits including special onsite assistance and discounts on selected hospital services and various treatment packages for top critical illness conditions like cancer, stroke, heart attack, renal failure and brain tumor.

In 2018 alone, the Company paid critical illness claim proceeds to more than 300 claimants to help them fight for their lives and get back on their feet.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with St. Luke’s Medical Center, a sought-after healthcare institution by Filipinos from all over the country. Through this partnership, our policyowners can enjoy world-class service, a seamless claims experience, as well as special privileges, that will allow them to focus on what’s most important – getting better,” said Pru Life UK President and Chief Executive Officer Antonio “Jumbing” De Rosas.

Dr. Arturo de la Peña, SLMC President and CEO said, “As a trusted leader in patient and healthcare, this new partnership with Pru Life UK is very much in line with St. Luke’s commitment of putting our patients first. We always aim to ease their burden during the most difficult times and assist them in any way we can. We look forward to building a stronger relationship with Pru Life UK to further enhance our services.”

Pru Life UK’s latest partnership supports the company’s strategic focus on promoting health through its We DO Health campaign.