Nailaholics gears up for National Pampering Day 2019

Mark your calendars this October 17, 2019 as the country’s pioneer in bringing specialized nail salons and spa outlets, celebrates its annual National Pampering Day!

Be amazed at what a soothing massage and nails grooming service can do!  Relax and recharge as trained hands shape and buff your nails, trim your cuticles and pamper your tired hands and feet.


Now on its 4th year, Nailaholics turns its day of pampering   into an ecologically saving act tied up with self-care.

Our oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. Hence, these marine environments are vital to the planet.  Philippines has over 7,100 islands, and we Filipinos depend on the sea for livelihood, tourism, economy, and basically most of our lives. Thus, it is only essential for us to practice environmental conservation diligently – in many ways we can. 

 “This year we want to go beyond the usual discounted promotions we give to our clients. This year is all about encouraging our new and loyal customers alike, to engage in this more meaningful act of self-care – a self-care that saves.

Contrary to the common perception, caring for oneself is not a selfish act. And we want our customers to feel that while they take care of their own bodies and prioritize their well-being, they can also simultaneously value our environment and summon changes in our lifestyle to protect the planet.” passionately claimed by Ms. Abby Borja, Head of Marketing of R2 Group of Exclusive Brands, Inc.

Employing kindness to oneself should translate into caring for our planet and vice versa. By choosing the right sustainable lifestyle changes, we can all empower each other to make a change. This is the advocacy that Nailaholics wants to impart.

Nailaholics branches nationwide will be giving FREE SERVICES to its customers who would make a P 50 donation to support its cause. Participants may choose from a FREE Manicure, Foot spa, or Foot massage this October 17 from 10:00AM to 1:00PM with every donation. Proceeds from this noble cause will go to its partner beneficiary, Save Philippine Seas Organization.


The advocasea does not end there. In its aim to create a holistic approach, Nailaholics literally dives  into action. A special raffle promo awaits the participants of the National Pampering Day wherein one lucky donor will win an all-expense paid trip to Siargao.

Siargao Island is named the best island in the world and it practices respectable eco-tourism. In this special promo, one lucky winner and his companion will get to appreciate the marine life and splendour of our own Philippine seas, plus get an opportunity to undergo environmental awareness immersions.  The tandem will  join in a beach clean-up program led by S.E.A. Movement, and do volunteer work at the Siargao Art Recycling Studio. This is really the complete package that will immerse a willing participant.


Now it’s up to you, nailaholic! We all can take active part in this movement of caring for ourselves while caring for Mother Earth. We only have one planet, we only have one home.

When you choose yourself, you choose right. Choose self-care that saves. It’s time to make your wave, one sea at a time!