Go to Yanagi Japanese Restaurant for an Authentic Taste of Japan

I love Yanagi's contemporary interior design. The dining halls are big and dim-lit. It has that inviting, modern restaurant vibe with a good view of the hotel lobby down below.


Yanagi Japanese Restaurant's modest buffet spread offer an assortment of hot and cold dishes that made my seafoods and meat enjoyment even better.  They have maki sushi rolls,  nigiri zush, sashimi, tepanyaki, udon and sukiyaki. 

Sushi lovers will love the authentic aburi rolls that Yanagi provides.  Ebi Tempura  are prepared and served per table request.

Their salad station shines the spotlight on traditional salad greens, potato salad, Kurage  (Jellyfish salad), and Wakame (Seaweed salad).

They offer Kaki Papaya Yaki, which is a whole new way to enjoy oysters!  Yanagi takes the Japanese oysters  one notch higher by fusing  the contrasting flavors of the sweet papaya and salty notes of the oysters  together under torch! Its special  aburi sauce makes this fusion-inspired creation even more delectable!

On top of fresh fruits and creme brulee, you get to choose from wasabi, black sesame, red bean and green tea ice cream for desert.

Yanagi Japanese Restaurant
Mezzanine Floor, Midas Hotel and Casino
Pasay City