Celebrate the traditional Mooncake Festival with Eng Bee Tin

The Mid-Autumn Festival (zhongqiujie 中秋节), is one of the most important festivals celebrated in Mainland China second to Chinese New Year.

Mid-Autumn Festival is sometimes called the Moon Festival because it is celebrated on 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar when the moon is fullest. Chinese families celebrate by eating dinner together, exchanging gifts, lighting paper lanterns and engaging in regional activities with mooncakes as prizes.

It is customary to share and eat mooncakes on this occassion since its round shape symbolizes family unity.  Family elders would cut the cakes and share it with the younger members.  This practice had since been adapted by businessmen giving moon cakes as gifts to clients and  created a demand for more beautifully-designed, expensive Hopia.


This year, the Mooncake Festival falls on September 13. And Eng Bee Tin invited the media, family and friends last August 29, 2019 at the Great Buddha Cafe to share this tradition.
Eng Bee Tin treated us to sumptuous dinner. We had Seafood Spinach Soup (P 320), Stir-Fried Asado Noodles(P 240), Fish Fillet-Tofu (P 340), Pork Ribs with Honey Garlic Sauce(P 320), and Soy Garlic Chicken (P 600 whole).

Eng Bee Tin hosts a Dice Game as prelude to Mid-Autumn Festival 2019


Ivan Man Dy introduced  us to the dice game.  Next, we were asked to join in groups for the dice game to commence.

Now grouped into five, each player takes a turn aiming for the best 6-dice combination (with the biggest Hopia first as prize, second biggest as second prize etc.)  All the 5 chongwan from the elimination rounds get to roll the dice again for much bigger ticket items (Eng Bee Tin gift certificates, microwave oven, cellphone and DeVant TV unit.

We all had fun throwing the dice and eating our mooncakes.

Get your Premium Eng Bee Tin Hopia just in time for your tea party on the 13th of September Mooncake Festival. Revel in the delightful aroma of 20 mooncake variants available at the Eng Bee Tin store near you.

The Great Buddha Cafe
628 Ongpin Street
Binondo, Manila