Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo endorses Champion Supra Clean Detergent Powder

For 40 years now, Champion Detergent has been taking care of clothes in Filipino households. And in a media event last August 5, 2019 held at Makati diamond Residences, the most trusted brand unveiled its fortified product--- Champion Supra Power detergent powder, which promises superior cleaning power that speaks well of "puting walang bakas".

Laundry time is a taxing chore for mothers. Kids tend tend to be messy, often attracting life's most stubborn stains. This makes the sight of piled-up, overflowing laundry basket of dirty clothes overwhelming at times.

Champion Supra Clean Detergent Powder with knockout cleaning power

It is a good thing that Champion detergent can be relied on. The burden of laundry load feels less overwhelming when the responsibility is shared. Champion detergent helps moms stay on top of stain removal. The new formulation of Champion Supra Power make the chore more easier. With less time spent working on stains in the laundry room, the faster the laundry job gets done.

Champion Supra Clean Detergent Powder with knockout cleaning power works better on stubborn stains!

With Champion's new and improved formulation, comes new packaging for the entire product range. Celebrity actress Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo was introduced for the brand's new #SupraPowerNiNanay campaign TV commercial which airs on August 13, 2019.

She shared home tips and tricks including teaching her young kids to pitch in household chores early.

The #SupraPowerNiNanay campaign pays tribute to the tireless moms who manage to care for and provide for their families through their 24/7 work, sacrifices and love.

Champion invited celebrity teens Ylona Garcia, Heaven Peralejo and Grae Fernandez to talk about their Supra Nanays. Their stories serve as sample content which Champion hopes to gather for the next phase of their campaign. Consumers will be asked to submit stories of their Supra Nanays.The next campaign phase seeks to gather stories of real Supra Nanays, which will be featured in a mini-document digital film.

Champion has these and a lot more surprises in store for consumers.

Champion Supra Power comes in four fragrance variants -- Original Supra Clean, Citrus Fresh, Sunny Fresh, and With Fabric Conditioner. These are now available in stores, ready to deliver high level of cleaning for "puting walang bakas" for all Supra Nanays nationwide.


  1. I agree sometimes even with just looking at our piled up dirty clothes here at our house, I'm already tired and thinking that there goes my entire day.

  2. My kids like playing outside and often times their clothes get really dirty. It's a good thing you have great products like this to help you get rid of those stains.

    -Mommy Ruby

  3. We've tried the Citrus Fresh variant and it's good on clothes. Not to mention affordable compared with other brands.

  4. Honestly haven't tried any Champion detergent but would love to review it to be able to compare with those I've already tested.

  5. I have never tried this brand but for it to thrive in the market for 40 years, it must mean it really is effective. Will see if my local grocer carries this so I can try it out one of these days.


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