Wrong Yakiniku opens today in Fairview

Wrong Yakiniku pilot store opens today. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony after the restaurant blessing. Afterwards, guests and the media were invited to partake of feast they prepared for the occasion. 

If you are a big fan of samgyupsals, shabu-shabu and grilling, Wrong Yakiniku is worth the try! They offer unlimited sides, rice, and soup. Wrong Yakiniku showcases the rich and diverse Japanese / Korean cuisine, which makes it a good place venue for those individuals who want to discover new flavors and indulge savory finds that will surely delight taste buds.

Wrong Yakiniku Buffet boasts of a selection of delightful Korean and Japanese favorites to complement your grilled meat.
The appetizers they prepared for us do complement the their grilled meat pieces and skewers.

More than kimchi and Japchae (semi-sweet stir-fried Korean Vermicelli Noodles made from sweet potato-based noodles), they have marbled potatoes,  ebony tempura,  bulgogi, salad greens, plus a good line up of Japanese maki sushi rolls, sashimi and nigiri zushi (handmade sushi). We got to fill our happy tummies with these savory side dishes as well.

For those who love to eat skewers but  hate smoke coming from the grills, Wrong Yakiniku is the place to go! It uses Binchō-tan or white traditional charcoal which does not produce flames. The slow-burning binchotan generates high heat and cooks well.

This is the best grilling spot for me ever! Four-seater square tables equipped with grillers (and a  few with shabu-shabu option)  line-up the place. There are fume extractor tubes installed directly above the round cooktop to remove odors, heat and steam during grilling. It sucks out the smoke making your grilling experience slightly more comfortable. It also ensures that no smoke odors stick on one's shirt.

In Korea, Yakiniku is referred to as samgyupsal (pork belly), or chadolbaegi (beef). The grilled meat is wrapped in lettuce leaves with kimchi and gireumjang (salt and black pepper in sesame oil) or samjang (soybean-chili paste) in the Korean style. The meat sets are non-marinated cuts of beef, pork and chicken.

There are some skewers like spring onions,  quail eggs and cherry tomatoes wrapped in bacon which really make a difference!  You can add condiments served on the side to add savory depth to grilled meats.

The mouth-watering yakitori is best enjoyed with cocktails, and they serve a handful for your drinking ante.

You can have Japanese  beers or  Korean liquors  to match the grill flavors and textures.

Healthy Hotpot

And if you want to indulge in unlimited food without guilt, you can go for shabu-shabu instead. The healthy, nutritional benefits that shabu-shabu provides go beyond what samgyupsal could ever offer.

The server brought a pot of broth plus raw shabu-shabu ingredients to our table. He switched on the stove for the broth to come to a boil, and then came back to reduce it to  simmer for cooking.

We then started adding the corn, carrots, and leafy vegetables. Next in line were paper-thin slices of tender meat and fresh Usuyaki Tamago (paper-thin cooked omelet).

When you think of all-you-can-eat yakiniku and hotpot, there is no doubt that Wrong Yakiniku will be a popular destination for diners looking for a unique communal dining experience.

Wrong Yakiniku
Vensu Place, 2 Pontiac Corner Camaro Street
West Fairview, Quezon City