KPub BBQ celebrates its 6th Anniversary with the opening of its 5th branch in Tiendesitas

There are a lot of Korean food buffet players in the market, all for a good reason--Korean fare has so many dishes that are distinctively tasty and healthy.

Now, the Home of KPUB BBQ has opened it's 5th branch in Tiendesitas just in time for its KPUB 6th Anniversary.

Last July 19, 2019 media and guests were invited to join in the festivities. K-Pub BBQ is a perfect place for anyone who’s looking for a jjang dining experience.

The walls come in super fancy way with huge portraits of K-Pop groups. I like its dimlit ambience typical of a steakhouse bar that can seat 500 people.

The new K-Pub BBQ Tiendesitas is by far the biggest chow down venue as it houses the largest high definition Samsung video wall to make one's Korean experience immersive.  The large screen at centerstage plays continuous MTVs which makes it feel as though one is listening to KPOP idol concert live!

In addition,  we had first dibs on K-Pub BBQ's newly launched cheese dip plus The pioneer of the unlimited samgyeupsal in the Philippines brings in unlimited TSINGTAO beer! The right side wall of the stage is dedicated to a line up of Tsingtao beers that complement your meat-all-you-can dining!

Next to it are upright freezers containing   Binggrae Melona (in Melon and Mango), plus Samanco Fish Ice Cream Waffles in various flavors for yummy desserts.

Their meat feasts are so downright wonderful.  They have marinated and unmarinated options for a meat-all-you-can grilling feast. Choose from Dae Pae Ssam Gyup Sal (Thinly Sliced Pork Belly), Dak Bulgogi (Marinated Chicken Fillets), Daeji Kalbi (Tender Pork Marinated in Soy and Garlic), Yangnyum Samkyupsal (Sweet N’Spicy Pork Belly), Ssam Gyup Sal (unmarinated Pork Belly), seafoods and more.

On top of this, they have side dishes served in buffet style. I had Japchae (Korean Glass Noodles), Fish Fillet, Jjim Dak (Korean Adobo), Ttoppoko (Rice cake), and Spring Rolls. KPub prides itself in importing all its ingredients from Korea to provide the most authentic taste.

KPub BBQ  Tiendesitas branch opens its doors to the public on July 21, 2019. Price starts at P 499 for lunch and P 599 for dinner.

Level 2, Building B, Tiendesitas, Ortigas East, Pasig City