Atty. Vince Tañada’s Sindak 1941 Musical Play celebrates the Unsung Heroes during the Japanese Occupation

Last July 6, 2019, Atty. Vince Tañada and the rest of Philippine Stagers Foundation invited bloggers and media to the presscon of their latest musical play dubbed as "Sindak 1941".

Not much has been written about the Japanese invasion of the Philippines and so Atty. Vince together with Patrick Libao went to Japan in 2014, after he discovered the historian  Carol Petillo, who wrote a book on the MacArthur Controversy.

Vince shared that Sindak 1941 "is an entirely new musical… I have not extended my research about the simple Filipinos in the Japanese occupation until now."

The script was inspired by the 1941 conquest of the Philippines by Japanese forces and the atrocities committed against the locals. Sindak 1941 puts the Filipino resiliency to the forefront with several actors playing important roles of native resistance forces during the war. The story is being told through the eyes of four intertwined souls, brothers Felipe and Nestor, and their love interests Sofia and Emilia. These two pairs will play major parts in the battle for freedom. Lives will be lost, tragedy will unfold, as Sindak 1941  gives you a spectacular musical experience that would show this period in time, narrated by a mute wanderer Tata Edong.

You'll never look up on Douglas MacArthur's ‘I shall return’ heroic deed the same way again after learning about the “MacArthur Controversy".

Research has shown that President Manuel Quezon actually paid Douglas MacArthur US$500,000 to come back to the Philippines. The MacArthur Controversy makes "quite a good subject for the musical,” Vince added.

Written and directed by Atty. Vince Tanada, the said musical showcases a talented pool of theater actors including Vince Tañada (Two-Time Aliw Awardee for Best Actor, Star Awards’ Best New Actor and Famas Awardee), Jomar Bautista (Felipe); Patrick Libao and Johnrey Rivas (Nestor); Yesh Burce, Kath Medina and Vean Olmedo (Sofia); Cherry Bagtas and Rachelle Penaflor(Emilia); Franie Zamora, Joel Molina, Kuya Manzano and Chris Lim (MacArthur) Adel Ibarrientos (Mauricia); OJ Bacor (Salvacion); Neil Tolentino (Gorio); Dean Rafols (Pancho); Chin Ortega(Tata Edong), Gerald Magallanes (Masanobu), Gian Daquioag (Homma), Carl Adaron (Kunitake), and Bea Martin (Cromwell).

Sindak 1941 artistic team is headed by Vince Tañada (Book, Lyrics and Direction) with Pipo Cifra (Music), Carlon Josol Matobato(Choreography), Jeffrey Ambrosio (Set Design), Emy Tañada (Costume), Art Gabrentina (Lights and Sound Design), OJ Bacor (Production Management), JP Lopez(Associate Direction and Stage Management), Vino Oriarte(Photography), Alwin Llanesand Carlo Parungao (Video Editing).
Watch out as the musical play SINDAK 1941 runs in various theatre venues all over the Metro and select provincial venues beginning July 11, 2019.
For ticket inquiries, you may call 0956-669-0335. Do follow #sindak1941 and @philippine_stagers on Instagram to get updates.


  1. This is good for students so they will have additional information about Japanese invasion.

  2. Wow! This looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing, Mommy! <3

  3. This is something to look forward to. I imagine this musical would be both enligthening and entertaining.

  4. i appreciate it that history is taught through musical and the likes. make it easier for students to comprehend and remember.


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