Start them strong with CheezWhiz

Child's play is getting more challenging nowadays. Hence, kids need all the nourishment they can get for a stronger future.

As parents, we ensure that our children stay strong throughout the day by providing them the right vitamins and nutrients through the food that we set on the table. And it starts with a great breakfast.

For over 50 years, CheezWhiz has been the kids' breakfast and merienda favorite. Its strength building nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium and Phosporous can help prepare kids for the times they will need strength.

At CheezWhiz’s Strength Builders Camp held at SM Megamall Activity Area, kids 6 years old and up gathered to enjoy physical activities that showcased their strength, powered by a CheezWhiz breakfast. The children had fun completing the five active zones and and four interactive booths.

The program started with fantastic demonstration of Chinese art of self-defense or Wushu. The  martial arts kids showcased numerous fighting styles and swordmanship.

Chezka Garcia-Kramer shared the importance of including CheezWhiz in her kids' nutrition. There was a nutritionist onsite who gave nutritional tips to parents.

CheezWhiz comes in three variants: Original, Pimiento and Mild. Follow @CheezWhizPH on Instagram to know more.