Cheese overload at Tori Chizu

Tori Chizu is the place to be for cheese lovers like me. The restaurant gets its name from teriyaki-coated chicken (tori) and cheese madness (chizu). They serve a specialty Japanese baked dish referred to as "doria", which is basically a rice gratin.

Rice is covered with flavorful white sauce, cheese and baked into perfection in a casserole. And topped with other ingredients. The result is a bubbling, comforting, cheesy meal that is delicious.

They have recently added some new items on their menu and I had the privilege to try them out.

Chicken Katsu Curry Chizu Bowl (P 139)- was simple yet I was surprised to find out that it actually tasted so good! The curry sauce definitely made a difference!

Chicken Karaage Chizu Bowl (P 129) is tempura-style fried chicken chunks which I love! It was super-crispy and packed with flavor.

Beef Chizu Bowl (P 149) was packed with flavor. I am partial to red meat and this savoury beef bowl comes well-seasoned.

Baked Pasta with Egg (P 135) is baked spaghetti that is intense and flavorful. I love that the yummy noodles are lined with melted cheese, which is the real star, slightly charred and smoked.

Everyone loves a plateful of crunchy fried chicken. Tori Chizu offers Chicken Racks (starts from P 530) with 8-piece platter divided into 4 pcs Regular, 2 pcs Spicy, plus 2pcs served Extra Spicy.

I find Potato Takoyaki (P 50) interesting with added texture from bonito flakes. It was nothing spectacular, but it tasted good.

Do visit Tori Chizu for simple dishes withdelectable combination of flavors that really works.

Tori Chizu
Ground Floor, Building A
SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City