Relax, Renew and Refresh at The Luxe Lounge

Now here comes an Innovative Filipino Concept in Relaxation that all Filipinos across socio-economic classes, and age groups can take advantage of. The Luxe Lounge addresses the need to alleviate a problem common to all Filipinos- STRESS!

Two seasoned marketing practitioners, Marivic Fajardo and Elmira Cadungog, decided to produce a concept that will be very inclusive and that will be acceptable to all markets—The Luxe Lounge.

With an average Filipino belonging to the working class experiencing traffic of 4 hours per day, which can result to illnesses and can compromise the quality of life, both women felt that this is not the way to live.

Marivic  never took stress seriously  until she developed an illness, related to auto-immune deficiency that resulted to extreme allergies. She even DIYd steroids which was often prescribed to her and this resulted to her condition getting worse.

During her times of desperation, she felt God speaking to her about the concept of rest. Marivic  researched about it but the next challenge is finding a way to rest--massage therapy. Massages offer a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension and enhance one's overall sense of physical well-being. While Massage Therapy plays an important part of health maintenance, it can just be plain and simple guess work under human hands.

Through research and prayers, Marivic discovered The Zen Smart Chairs. It boasts of sophisticated robotics that address all the tension/s from head to toes. She also felt a sense of improved wellness and as result her allergies became dormant.

After their discovery, both ladies decided to put the chairs in an inline space to give Filipinos a certain level of dignity while resting. Coming from a luxury background, they decided to put all their learnings and share it with Filipinos.

For as low as P 20, Filipinos can enjoy a 6 minute massage complete with blanket. To fully enjoy the chair, The Luxe Lounge suggests a minimum of 15 minutes massage. But if you want to also enjoy a Japanese tea, guests can avail of 30 to 60 minutes massage where they get to relax fully.

Guests can enjoy The Luxe Lounge now at the following branches:

GF Ayala Mall Marikina, (Not Feliz) Liwasang Kalayaan Marikina Heights

2nd Level Ayala Mall Circuit, Hippodromo, Makati City

So #RelaxRenewRefresh now at The Luxe Lounge!