Meet the Yellow Cab’s So Worth It Squad

Today’s generation of hustlers get a lot of flak by virtue of their age, but if Yellow Cab’s So Worth It Squad is anything to go by, it is that they embody the hunger, grit, and courage needed to make big things happen.

After securing indie folk-pop band Ben&Ben, Yellow Cab has welcomed eight more personalities to its list of brand ambassadors: filmmaker, columnist, musician, and production studio head Quark Henares; dynamic streetwear duo Emil and Vince Javier of Don’t Blame the Kids (DBTK); visual artist and muralist Anina Rubio; collegiate basketball stand-outs UP Fighting Maroons; writer, editor, and mental health advocate Pam Pastor; social entrepreneur Anya Lim; stand-up comic Red Ollero; and writer, performer, filmmaker, host, and dance teacher Mika Fabella.
From launching a local streetwear brand, championing Filipinos today through storytelling, growing one of the country’s first social and cultural enterprises, raising awareness of mental health, to exceeding expectations of collegiate basketball fans, the So Worth It Squad has taken the unconventional path, showing how important it is to have that ever-present fuel to be more, do more, and give more.
“The So Worth It Squad is comprised of individuals who we feel best represent the values that we also stand for as a brand—resilience, ingenuity, and grit,” said Charlene Sapina, Marketing Operations Head of Yellow Cab Pizza Co. “They are those who have never been shy about taking risks and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, leveraging on skills, love for their craft, and hunger for what they believe is so worth it.”
They may come from different backgrounds, but for Ben&Ben lead singer Miguel Guico, the So Worth It Squad have a great thing in common—a healthy appetite for possibilities. “For Ben&Ben, friendship, hunger, and love for music have driven us as a group,” said Guico. “We just had to pursue it, even when we were not earning as much or playing to small crowds, even if logic would tell us otherwise. We enjoyed the feeling of playing together and playing for our audience.”
Filmmaker Quark Henares shares that another trait that the So Worth It Squad share is a thirst for their craft. “Choosing the creative, unconventional path means that you never stop learning and growing. I think that’s the kind of hunger that we all share,” said Henares. “I’m proud to be part of a group that embodies a desire for learning and excelling.”
The So Worth It Squad is not just notable for being mavericks in their respective fields. Visual artist and muralist Anina Rubio shares that at the root of all their stories is a deeper hunger, one for meaningful work that will touch the lives of a lot of Filipinos. “My desire to break out from my previous career came from wanting work that brings me happiness and meaning,” shared Rubio. “We all have this sense that the work we do has a higher purpose, whether it’s inspiring people to pursue a life in the arts, providing sustainable livelihood, or helping people improve their health. That’s the hunger that keeps us going and makes the hustle so worth it.”
As a brand, Yellow Cab understands what it means to be the challenger and the kind of hustle it takes to realize what Filipinos believe is so worth it. It hopes that in sharing their stories, the So Worth It Squad would inspire more Filipinos to stay hungry, to keep hustling, and to power through until they make it