Get your Eco-friendly Products at Berde

Nowadays, there is public clamor to ditch single-use plastic products in favor of natural, eco-friendly ones. Plastic waste is fast becoming a widely recognized problem that various groups are inciting people to make little changes their day-to-day life to help the environment.

Going green doesn't necessarily have to be costly.  There are simple, easy steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprints that can greatly impact the world without making your life overly complicated.

Change Begins at Home.   Most of us human spend most of our time at home  a third of our lifetime eating.  That is why switching single-use plastics to eco-friendly home items can help reduce plastc waste problems and make a difference.

Now, I was able to get   affordable eco-friendly products from Berde4Mama.for our home.  These Include bamboo spoon, fork & knife, and bamboo straw.  They sell Biodegradable Brushes (Php 15 each)  with which to clean the Bamboo Straw (Php 25).  I also got a Cloth Pouch (Php 25) to put my bamboo cutlery and straw when I'm on the go.

I also prefer to do homecooking. Aside from less food packaging wastes, choosing home-cooked meals over fastfood takeouts would mean that my family is eating healthier.

Berde Net Bag in Cream or Black colors (Php 250)

Avoid shopping waste.  Do bring a reusable tote instead of using plastic bags.

When we throw something away, it goes somewhere. Trash are stored in landfills, and some even find its way to our oceans. It is bad for the environment and the overall health of our planet.

Stop the use of single-use plastics (wrappers, cups, bittles straws and bags). Reduce, reuse and recycle.

Clean and Stock Greener.  Next time you go to the grocery, do examine the materials lists on the merchandise you buy.

Purchasing your toiletries and cleaning supplies shouldn’t be costly.  Berde encourages  everyone to switch to less-toxic products as you run out of current stocks.

Berde sells Bamboo Toothbrushes (Php 60)
 that are 100% handmade.  It uses a plant instead of plastic as its handle.

They offer herbal bath bars  handmade by a local community of farmers in Zamboanga.
You may chose from Papaya, Activated Charcoal,  Calamansi, Cucumber,  Adlai,  and Turmeric.  Each soap bar is made of rainwater, oil, caustic soda, natural moringa scent and their own variant.  Variants are available in 110g  (Php 90) and 140g  (Php 120) sizes.

They also distribute shampoo bars made by students as alternatives to shampoos inplastic bottles. Shampoo bars variants cone in 4 varuants Black (Jasmine scent), Brown (Coconut scent), White (Cotton scent) and Blue (Ocean Breeze).

These shampoo bars are good to last you for around 80 to 100 showers. That's just 4 bars for a whole year! Each bar is around 120g and is handmade from coconut oil, olive oil, lye, water, and organic fragrance oils.

Berde's  mission is to make these eco-friendly products accessible and affordable.  Berde believes that living a green, sustainable lifestyle is  shouldn't be expensive.  Berde4mama loves the idea of a greener environment and thinks that all those small efforts will eventually create an impact.  It is Berde's goal is to keep the price in minimum to encourage more people to go green.

It is high time to revisit the products we use and their impacts. And Berde allows us to switch to greener alternatives.

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