Bike Helmet Laws in California

In recent years, people are becoming more health conscious and many have taken up different forms of exercises to improve their health. There are both indoor and outdoor exercises that are good for health and different ages can participate in these exercises. Some of the common exercises include workout in the gym, badminton, basketball, swimming, jogging, cycling, and etc. In order to benefit from these exercises, one needs to be disciplined and regular in exercising.

Cycling is one exercise that can be done indoor or outdoor. Having a stationary bike at home in front of the television is a good way to burn off fat and at the same time get to enjoy your favourite TV program. Cycling outdoor can be fun and enjoyable when you get to enjoy the surroundings and the fresh air  especially if you are cycling in an area free from pollution.

When the weather is good, you can see many beach cruiser bikes along the beach bike trails. If you are working five full days a week, cycling on weekends is one great way to sweat it out and tone up your muscles. According to the California’s bike helmet law, no one under the age of 18 can ride a bicycle on any public path or trail unless he or she wears a bike helmet that fits properly and fastened correctly. The helmet must adheres to the accepted safety standards.

Anyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet when riding on a non-motorized scooter, bicycle, roller skates or skateboard on public path or trails. This also includes children who are riding as passengers on these vehicles, e.g. on a ladies bike with basket. Those 18 years and above are not required by the law to wear a bicycle helmet. However, it is for everyone’s safety that a cyclist of any age should wear a helmet for their personal safety.

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