Gulu Gulu Takoyaki and Milk Tea opens its pilot store at SaveMore Nagtahan

I had fun at Gulu Gulu 's pilot store opening at Nagtahan  with their takoyaki and milktea specials last February 25, 2019. The milktea and takoyaki combination is one of high demand on-the-go food items by Filipinos.

Taiwanese brand Gulu Gulu business  move came just in time as everyone is going crazy about milk tea.  More than just milk tea, they are also known for their classic takoyaki and options  which come with either Pork Floss or Tuna Floss toppings. They also serve green teas, mango fruit teas and chocolate.

Gulu was founded by Mr. Guo Weixiong in 1997.  He wanted to start a business related to food, which led him to observe and ressearch about Taiwanese eating habits. He stumbled upon the word "Gulo Gulo" from the sound made when sipping milk tea.

Gulu Gulu Takoyaki business of milk tea and takoyaki (octopus balls)  steadily  grew across Taiwan in more than 50 cities. With more than 500 stores, they have  expanded into several Asian countries.

The first Gulu Gulu store in the country  has a coffee shop vibe with stylish designs and homey feel.

Go visit them and see what the hype is all about.

Gulu Gulu Takoyaki
SaveMore Nagtahan
Sta Mesa, Manila

open from 10:00AM -9:00PM daily