Why Perfume Dessert is on hype

Food-related scents have powerful effects on people’s moods as it evokes happy memories.

When I saw the Perfume Dessert package arrived, my childhood feelings came rushing back. I was dying to get my hands on perfumes with edible, dessert-inspired fragrance notes such as Cake Pops, Peach Bourbon Popsicle, Cucumber Melon Cooler, French Macaroon, Fruit Tart, and Orange Mimosa Sherbet.

Life memories are stored in the same region where  the brain processes scent and
so a person finds it easy to associate a fragrance with one's memory.

While everything smells edible, I found intense connection to Peach Bourbon Popsicle,  Cucumber Melon Cooler,  and Orange Mimosa Sherbet fragrances.
These three scents are my favorites as it leads to nostalgia, back to the happy childhood times I shared with my dad.
He used to cook and we usually end a satisfying meal with a yummy, rich dessert and these food-related sweet scents give visceral reactions and triggers those happy moments.

Every day I made sure to take big whiffs!  I drench myself alternatively with these dessert perfumes. It makes me smile when
I see my friends’eyes light up as they comment on how I smelled like a fruity dessert or an ice cream cake.

Go on discover the fun and the mystery of dessert perfume. See how it overwhelms the senses in a positive way.

Perfume Dessert cones in pocket-handy sizes. It makes it easy to get a spritz of your favorite fragrance and help you stay fresh in sweaty situations.

The 30ml sleek tall bottle is easy to slip in your bag. You simply have to take it out, spray on a few discreet spritzes and you’ll smell great instantly.


  1. I love my perfume dessert in Sakura scent. Ambango at budget-friendly :)

  2. Oooh, mukhang magugustuhan ko 'to. I love vanilla-laced scents, yung tipong amoy ice cream ako haha. :)

  3. I love bringing perfumes in my kikay kit. And I love sweet scents too, san meron nito?

    1. It xosts 250 pesos per bottle. Let me know if you wish to purchase one.

  4. Wow ang cute ng packaging pati ng scents. Ang lakas makagirl. Wala p sila sa mga stores?

  5. This is an interesting product. I have yet to check out this brand, though. This is the first time I heard of it.


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