Goldilocks Balikbayan Basics

Over the years, people across borders have come to know Filipinos for their friendly personalities and their delicious food. Nowadays, it is often a regular occurrence for foreigners to mention their favorite Filipino dishes whenever conversations about delicacies transpire.

We credit all these to our Balikbayan relatives, who often bring a small piece of the Philippines wherever they are in the world. Pinoy food favorites form an integral part of the Filipino culture and so our modern-day heroes love sharing our local dishes during parties or get-togethers.

However, as the process of bringing our local dishes is often troublesome for our Balikbayans, this leaves them to bring home large boxes of perishable goods. To address this, Goldilocks created their famous PINOYDELIline. The country’s number one bakeshop now serves ready-to-eat Filipino favorites in easy to carry packs!

Bring a piece of home wherever you go with Goldilocks’ PINOYDELI Line! A collection of Filipino classics ranging from delicious sauces such as Sweet Chili Sauceand Spiced Vinegar. Original Filipino Dishes such as Savory Laing and Spicy Beef Calderetaand even authentic condiments such as Spicy Shrimp Paste,giving you multiple options to satisfy allofyour Pinoy cravings!

While for those looking for something sweet can alternatively opt for the Goldilocks’ SWEET TREATS line which include Goldilocks signature Polvoron and Popcorn treats which come in a large selection of flavors! All of which serve as perfect “BALIK-BAON” gifts for our Balikbayans to share with people all over the world!

Grab these and other BALIK-BAON goodies at any Goldilocks Bakeshop and FoodStore nationwide!

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