Six Doors BBQ Buffet opens at Uptown Mall BGC

If you love grilled meats, then Six Doors Korean BBQ is the place you have to check out.

The restaurant officially launched today, December 5, 2018. A ribbon cutting ceremony kicked off the occassion, followed by the blessing of the restaurant.

It is great place for your pigout sessions this yuletide season. The wall-to-wall LED display completes any get-togethers.

At 350-seating capacity, guests may opt to dine in at tables equipped with stainless steel griddles that can comfortably seat in up to 6 individuals. Tables with built-in grills comes with changeable perforated dome griddles.

Other diners may choose to stay at the lounge area in clustered sofas. Big partirs may opt for private function rooms for a more relaxed and intimate dining experience.

With Six Door’s premium quality meats, seafoods and side dishes (banchan), you are getting the best for what you paid for. Six Doors offer a wide variety of meats and seafood for grilling. My favorites are prawns, salmon, samgyupsal (pork belly), and chadolbaegi (beef). The grilled meat is usually wrapped in lettuce leaves with kimchi and gireumjang (salt and black pepper in sesame oil) or samjang (soybean-chili paste) in the traditiobal Korean style.

Now, the buffet extends well beyond kimchi and grilled meats. It boasts of an array of delightful Filipino, Spanish and Japanese favorites to complement your grilled fares.

Lechon has always been part of Philippine grand feasts as it presence at any Filipino gathering instantly turns an ordinary gatherings to a grand fiesta. The roasted pig was browned evenly and has a delicious, thin crunchy skin that cracks easily as you peel it off. The well-seasoned meat was moist and tender.

Their Japanese food selection gives an assurance of freshness plus creative combinations, and beautiful presentations Their roll menu is superb!

Rolls were specially made up of tuna, crabsticks, salmon and Japanese rice served with a side of showmanship. These filling dishes offer a pleasant savory experience for those who would want to try out Japanese food. Sushi, maki and sashimi speaks so much of its masterfully blended flavor! Though some were simple and straightforward, it was savory and satisfying.

I love the ebi tempura’s light, airy batter. It was perfectly done and absolutely awesome,

I superlove their deep fried crabs and seafood paella. Their paella cones with generous ingredients.

I will surely be back with my family to try out the other selectiobs.

Six Doors BBQ Buffet
2/F Uptown Mall BGC
Taguig City