Quezon City spearheads #healthierQC campaign

Last December 6, 2019, Quezon City launched #healthierQC, a campaign that aims to encourage healthier diets among children and youth. This means increasing the consumption of nutritious food and water, and avoiding consumption of junk food, processed food and sugary drinks.

Quezon City Health Officer II Dr. Verdades P. Linga graces #healthierQC launch as guest speaker. She was invited to tackle the campaign's aim directed at reducing the incidence of non-communicable diseases among children. #Cities4Health

#healthierQC will form part of every activity of the City Health Department of Quezon City, especially under the nutrition division. On-the-ground events will include assemblies where we can showcase these videos, the Teen Walk To Health where most of the participants are the youth especially the high school students who consume a lot of sugary food and junk food,”  said Dr. Verdades Linga, Quezon City health officer.

Linga said that #healthierQC will not only target the youth, but parents and businesses as well. It emphasizes the need for companies to address these thrusts in public health.

"We also want businesses to acknowledge the need for improving the health of consumers, especially the young people---the most vulnerable sector of society,” Linga said.