Gumtech Gum Protection lets you enjoy Life's Precious Moments and Simple Joys

With the festive season lurking on us, can our gums and teeth take on the challenge of non-stop eating and drinking?

Holidays are wonderful way for Filipinos to connect with friends and family over food, drinks and gift-giving.

And while it is easy to overlook the little things behind our daily oral care routine, it is imperative to take action especially when holiday eating and drinking contributes to the problem mainly. After all, a healthy mouth will help you enjoy your favorite fares!

Doug and Cheska Kramer posed the same question to us bloggers during the Gumtect’s Food Trek, A Mouth-full Adventure. At the #ProtectWithGumTect #aMouthfullAdventure with the Kramers, we learned that it is very important that we take good care of our teeth and gums so that we won’t miss out on any foodie moments when we celebrate the holidays with our friends and family.

Why Teeth and Gums Hurt

Do you sometimes wonder why a taste of ice cream or a sip of coffee leads to tooth pain? Why do spicy foods or sugary drinks aggravate sensitive teeth?

When we indulge, the acids in the foodsthat we eat and drink cause tooth enamel to wear away. Acid softens your enamel, and tooth enamel weakens, demineralization starts to set in. Gums become overly sensitive due to dental erosion.

 As your teeth start losing its outer shell, you will notice pain when eating hot, cold, or sweet foods or drinks. Teeth sensivity or "Pangingilo", may lead to tooth enamel loss if left untreated.  Demineralization can also lead to tooth decay.

Gumtect Protection helps Lessen Dental Erosion

Now, Gumtect takes oral care to several notches higher. It has Dynamic Desensitizing System that helps prevent the pain caused by sensitive teeth as it protects the exposed dentin of the teeth. Gumtect's Active Anti Cavity Protection helps guarantees a strong teeth enamelthat is protected from cavities. By reducing your risk of decay, Gumtectt Sensitive Toothpaste and Gumtect Gum Care toothpaste helps prevent weak bleeding gums and canker sores “ singaw” from occuring.

Here are some of the highlights on our  #ProtectWithGumTect #aMouthfullAdventure with the Kramers -


SORU Izakaya

As the cold months of December steps in, we often line our stomach with something hot and spicy. With Gumtect to back me up, I know that can enjoy my steamy bowl of spicy TanTanMen whenever I'm swept by the chilly winds

On usual occasions, such spicy Japanese food may inspire extra acid production in the stomach, causing reflux which can definitely harm your enamel and gums. But with Gumtect protection, I am confident to give ib to savoring the spicy broth which I find to be really addicting.


The Pound Robin Cafe's take of the classic Cheese Cake is superb! It is rich and creamy, yet light on sweetness. The Chocolate Cake's chocolate ganache also makes it a chocolatey heaven indulgence!

While these sugary, sweet treats may seem harmless, eating too many sugar can be harmful to one's teeth. The bacteria in your mouth feeds on sugar to produce acid and food that are too sweet may contribute to tooth sensitivity and trigger pain.

Ka-Pe DIY Coffeeshop

Coffee has always been an indispensable component of our breakfast, midday snacks, and after-meals. And our final stop at DIY Kape was a great eay to end the food trip. They have a good selection of coffee and satisfying meals under one roof.

While the acid in coffee drinks can wear down my teeth, causing pain and decay, I need.not worry.because I am protected by Gumtect.

#ProtectWithGumTect #aMouthfullAdventure was really an enlightening and a fun-filled degustation experience.

Protect you teeth and gums with Gumtect

Gumtect toothpaste is manufactured by a local company Lamoiyan Phils. Honestly, I am truly amazed with Gumtect toothpaste.really keeps my teeth and whole mouth clean and fresh. That's exactly how I feel when I brush my teeth.

We all know that oral care is important, and holistic oral care goes a long way. With Gumtect, I am confident that my teeth are always clean and protected from tooth decay. And more than keeping my teeth amazingly clean, this toothpaste give me long lasting fresh breath the whole day! They also have this amazing Gumtect Sensitive Mouthwash that does the same magic the toothpaste does.

Gumtect inhibits the development of gum disease and tooth decay. Choosing Gumtect protectiob for everyday health will ensure that your gums will stay protected. With Gumtect, you can indulge and give in to life's simple pleasures.

Keep mouth and gum problems at bay with Gumtect! Get one now and see what it can do for you and.your family!