California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) celebrates its 20-year Milestone with 14 New.Flavors

As California Pizza Kitchen marks its 20th anniversary, it ramps up its menu offers 14 new dishes that inclides five pizzas, two pastas, two salads, three varieties of rice, and two desserts to celebrate the milestone.

Chicken Tequila Fettucine and Cajun-spiced Jambalaya pasta offers new exciting flavors for pasta lovers.

The two new salads are California Harvest Salad, and the Golden Pear Salad, while the three foreign-flavored rice are Thai Calamari Rice, Salisbury Steak Rice, and the Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp Rice. The two new desserts are Banoffee Pie and the Nutella Cheesecake.

CPK Philippines is known for the best pizza topping combinations and this season, it makes pizza more palatable with the addition of unique new flavors. The five new pizzas are Spicy Chorizo Pizza, White Clam Pizza, Chicken Fajita Pizza, Tricolore crispy thin crust pizza, and the Tropicale Quorn Regular Hand-Tossed Pizza.

According to CPK Marketing Manager, Roberto Vallar, their new menu aims to excite regular customers with something new to stir their senses. California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Philippines at 20 is also reintroducing the most popular pizzas of the past 2 decades. It is bringing back six trademark pizzas --- Roast Duck Pizza, Tuna Melt Pizza, Wild Mushroom Pizza, Cheese Burger Pizza, Mango Tandoori Pizza, Rustica Crispy Thin Crust Pizza.

The new CPK menu will be made available  to the public starting November 26 or on the first week of December 2018.

California Pizza Kitchen Philippines intends to run the new menu  until May or June next year. And definitely, the most popular ones will form part of the regular menu.