Celebrate connections between Grandparents and Grandchildren

Grandparents Day is a day for celebrating the connections between generations. It is the best time for grandkids to make new memories with their lolos and lolas who spoil them with undying love, patience and support.

This September, SM Supermalls offers a fun-filled Grandparents Day celebration where families can pamper grandparents with special wellness offers, dining deals, and gift promos until September 9.

"SM has always been a place for family bonding moments. This Grandparent's Day, we have prepared a wide range of fun activities that recognize the love and tenderness of our beloved grandparents." ~Mr. Jonjon San Agustin, SM Supermalls Senior Vice-President for Marketing.

During the #GrandparentsDayAtSM2018 event launch at Gringo today, celebrity guests Ms. Dina Bonnevie and Mr. Eddie Gutierrez shared anecdotes of their grandchildren and the joy they bring for the #GrandparentsDayAtSM2018 nationwide celebration. Both were in agreement that they go to SM for those special bonding moments with their "apos" and that they will be probably be spending Grandparents.Day at SM Supermalls as well.

Here are tips on how you can make bonding moments with your lolo and lola this Grandparrents Day more memorable:

a) Treat them with their favorite rdish. Grandkids can delight grandparents with Grand Treats - favorite eats and dishes from participating restaurants in SM malls until September 9.

b) Accompany them to mass. Praying or going to mass together is one of the best bonding moments between lolo and lolas and their apos. Grandparents and grandkids can attend a mass celebration with Special Blessing for grandparents on September 9.

c) Create new and exciting memories. Lolos and lolas can take snapsr with families at the Grandparents Snap augmented reality family booth until September 9, where they can enjoy fun technology and keep these wonderful memories with their loved ones forever.

d) Enjoy a concert. Grandkids can bring their grandparents to watch heart-tugging performances by talented apos at SM's Grandparents Playlist event on September 8 and 9.

e) Get them some gifts. Whenever it's arts and crafts or comfortable slippers, grandkids can shop for heartfelt, handmade gifts at participating stores and SM Cares partners at the Lolo & Lola's Bazaar happening on September 9.

Gather the whole family this Sunday at SM to give grandparents and grandchildren opportunities to connect and play to their heart's content.
As part of SM's #AweSM 60 years celebration and Feast Month this September, customers will also experience a fun weekend of #AweSM dining deals and treats from participating restaurants from September 21 to 23 in SM malls all over the country - where mallgoers can experience 60-themed deals, pay only 60%, less Php 60.00, or pay only Php 60.00 on #AweSM items.

Visit smsupermalls.com and join in the #GrandparentsDayAtSM2018 Digital Promo for a chance to win P5,000 SM GCs!