Perla Laundry Soap celebrates its Milestones

Perla is the first natural laundry soap brand in the Philippines trusted by generations. For almost 70 years now, Perla has been taking care of clothes in Filipino households.

Perla dedicates its business to natural ingredients, and a passion for creating safe, effective laundry soaps. This Filipino company runs an eco-friendly business devoted to creating a happier, cleaner world. And it is not easy to turn lifelong, dependable Perla habits head on as Perla is gentle on the skin and kind to the environment.

It is the Best Laundry Soap for Life's most stubborn stains

Stains are an everyday occurrence with kids that is why I try to treat the stain on my daughter’s school uniforms as soon as I can. I find that soaking these clothing pieces before putting it in the laundry machine truly takes away dirt thay linger on fabrics before they touch my child’s skin. Perla’s natural, eco-friendly detergents are sure to make the chore more easier.

Perla is made from 50% pure coconut oil, which has strong antibacterial properties and contains lauric acid. As an excellent natural cleaning agent, lauric acid traps oil and dirt and makes it easy to wash away.

Perla is more than just making the clothes clean

Minimalism may be a hot trend for summer, but my family prefers wearing white ensembles regardless of season. Their preference for non-colors sometimes add up to a fault because the white wardrobe pieces they est in are usually made up of delicate materials.

Perla comes in three variants – Perla White, Perla Blue (recommended for clothes washed with hard water), and Perla Papaya

When you have articles of clothing you really like, you want to make it last several seasons just like everyone else does. And since washing  by hand helps  increase the lifespan of your   favorite wardrobe items, handwashing anything made with silk, lace, and other delicate details has been part of my daily routine. Delicate structure of intimate items requires delicate cleaning.

Handwashing guarantees that the clothes my family loves will keep their original feel, condition fit, and warmth for several years. Caring properly for these wardrobe pieces guarantees that my husband and daughter can enjoy them as long as possible. It is my labor of love.

While harsh laundry soaps usually consist of detergents that can send your skin's moisture barrier straight down the drain, Perla's coconut oil content on the other hand, comes with moisturizing properties that is conducive to frequent hand washing. Every time that I do laundry by hand, I am confident that  my skin  retains moisture, and that it is protected from dryness.

Each bar of Perla contains glycerin a natural moisturizer that makes clothes much softer as well as our skin. Plus, it contains lavender extract, giving every wash a clean, fresh scent.

On top of the skin protection is gives, the natural ingredients in a Perla bar also helps in making the clothes last longer. Unlike the other laundry brands with abrasive ingredients, Perla retains the credibility of colored clothes without compromising the strength of the fabrics even after several washes.

Perla pays tribute to Filipino Fashionistas through a fashion show dubbed Basics Redefined: Perla Fashion Show

Entitled Basics Redefined: The Perla Fashion Show, the event featured 30 real-life Perla users who slayed the Perla all-white OOTD contest on Facebook and Instagram.

As winners of the social media contest, these 30 ladies showcased their white ensembles on the catwalk and got the chance to interact with Perla’s brand ambassador, TV host and notable actress, Toni Gonzaga.

"It’s so inspiring to see all these ladies, from all walks of life gathered in one place to celebrate fashion and timeless style,” Toni shared. “These women are mothers, students, and career women, and Perla took the time to pamper them, dress them, and glam them up. I’m so happy that they got to experience the level of Perla’s meticulous care, just like what I’ve enjoyed from Perla.”

Three ladies from the thirty fashionistas who had given their best runway walks at the fashion show last August 25, 2018, were given special cash prizes! The three catwalk models were:

Trish Perez – 1st Place with P 40,000
Maria Melinda David – 2nd Place with P 25,000
Jamielyn Ruby Cuenca Abdula – 3rd Place with P 15,000

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