SureTayo ensures Fraud Protection for buyers and sellers

Online shopping is fast, easy and convenient for most people especially if sellers  are legit and one that uses a secure platform.  I go online for  most of hard-to-find items I own and at instances when I am pressed for time.

 While some purchase transactions I have made went smoothly, I also had my share of bogus sellers. I loathe the times that I was not able to receive  items after paid for it with my hard earned money.

To prevent forms of fraud, Dragonpay has came up with a brilliant idea in the form of SureTayo, the Philippine's first genuine escrow service.  Robertson Chiang (COO and Founder of Dragonpay Corporation) and Ken Abadiano (Dragonpay Corp. Marketing Manager) led the formal launching of SureTayo in  a media event held at Contis - Greenbelt 2 earlier.

For a long time now, Dragonpay's innovative payment solutions have helped merchants accept or disburse payments online and continues on to provide its merchants with better protection against fraud at low transaction fees.

Now, SureTayo powered by Dragonpay offers the same  alternative payment channels such as banks, mobile payments, ATM's, and  payment centers to make safer online transactions for person-to-person payment services.  In essence, SureTayo performs the role of a trusted third party who will hold on to funds until both the buyer and seller are satisfied with their transaction.

How SureTayo Works

An online merchant can sign up as a seller at and  will receive access to their online dashboard that allows them to issue an invoice to an interested customer after his account has been verified.

Once a buyer receives the invoice, he can click the link and select his preferred payment method, which gives him access to over 15,000 physical partner locations, online banking and mobile payment channels.

These include options like online banking at most of the major local commercial banks, physical ATM payments, over-the-counter (OTC) cash payments at banks and retail establishments (supermarkets, groceries, department stores, courier centers, remittance centers), electronic wallets or credits (Dragonpay Credits,, PayPal, GCash), and now, even Cash on Delivery.

After payment has been made, SureTayo will safeguard the money while notifying the seller, who can now deliver the item. Once the item has been received by the buyer, he  can notify SureTayo, who will now release the payment to the buyer.

This simple and secure process leads to TLC for both buyers and sellers -Transaksyong Legit at Convenient!

‘SureTayo was created to address the concerns of online buyers and sellers in the Philippine setting. A lot of shoppers here don’t have credit cards or even bank accounts, so how do you get them to shop online? How do you ease their worries that their money might go to a fraudulent seller? And for online retailers, how do you gain the trust of buyers? How do you make payment more convenient for potential customers?” said Robertson “Dick” Chiang, the founder and chief operating officer of Dragonpay.

“SureTayo offers the answer to these questions as it allows sellers to offer all these payment channels to their buyers while at the same time, acting like a third party for transactions to ensure that money is only released once the buyer and seller are happy with the transaction,” shared Mr. Chiang.

SureTayo caters to the  demands of today’s changing marketplace. Apply Now!

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