Elken Philippines launches its latest water treatment system, Bio Pure Ultra

Founded in 1995, the largest direct-selling Malaysian company Elken has brought its water treatment brand Bio Pure Ultra into the Philippines.

Elken Product and Research Director and certified Master Water Specialist, Michael R. long, led the product launch today at Elken Philippines head office in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

"Water is the building block to good health. We are constantly exposed to internal and external factors that dehydrate us...Having clean drinking water is one of the fundamental steps in ensuring that we stay healthy," said Michael Long.

Bio Pure Ultra water treatment system is produced by ISO 9001:2015 and GMP certified Elken Manufacturing factory. It uses a 4-stage membrane filtration system that ensures safe drinking water for your family straight from the tap. Bio Pure Ultra's filter technology makes use of the hydrostatic pressure to force tap water through a semi-permeable membrane for great-tasting water.

It uses NSF Certified Coconut Carbon for its organic granular activated carbon pre and post filters to remove organic chemicals and improve water taste.

Elken Bio Pure is one of the foremost renowned water filtering systems standards in Southeast Asia with more than 15 years of expertise behind it and 3,000,000 users worldwide. It is a proud winner of the Customer Service Leadership Award and the Product Line Strategy Award presented by Frost and Sullivan.

"The Bio Pure Ultra is another one of Ellen's excellent products...It makes tap water clean and safe so that you and your family can drink healthy water," added Mr. Long.

Do contact 00052125908 or email customerservice@elken.com for more information.