Kick off Summer with Banana Boat® Dry Balance™ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen  SPF 50+ PA+++ 

The swimsuit season is what we all look forward to.  As the heat intensifies, we often find ourselves   surfing away, taking a canopy to the beach to laze out in the sun, or cooling down in  swimming pools.

Nothing beats a warm and sunny day spent outside with family and friends but proper sun protection is essential to the equation.

While we love the summer vibe, the blazing heat is real! The ultraviolet rays of the sun can be pretty harmful to your skin.

The sun’s UVA-UVB rays are strongest between 10AM and 3PM (UV radiation peaks at midday). So staying out in the sun at these times cause skin damages and overexposure may even cause you sunburns.

Protective clothing and use of physical barriers like hats and shades do help but the best defense against getting too much harmful UV radiation is sunscreen application.

The Banana Boat® Dry Balance™ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Defense
While some sunscreens prevent sunburn, not all  offers a broad spectrum of protection. Now, we were introduced to Banana Boat® Dry Balance™ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen and  had the opportunity to test it out  ‘summer-proof’ formulation. This broad spectrum sunblock with SPF50+ PA+++ is said to stay effective  under 7 conditions---sun, wind, heat, sand, ocean, sweat and pool.

“ To keep up with the evolving trends in the sun care industry, Banana Boat® is always developing new, innovative products to fit the many needs of consumers and together with the commitment in giving the consumers the best product with uttmost sun screen protection lead to the creation of Banana Boat® Dry Balance ” said Mr. Franz Manalo, Brand Manager for Banana Boat.

“The product is designed to give customers the most enjoyable experience when it comes to sunscreen. Banana Boat® Dry Balance aims to eliminate that heavy feeling by absorbing excess moisture to help keep you feeling dry and fresh, even after a day in the sun. The product is available in two variants – the lotion and the aerosol spray ” he adds.

It is great to hear about it, but  trying it out first-hand seals the deal!

AmazeSkin Race Media Challenge

We went to Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club last April 26, 2018 to actually test out if Banana Boat® Dry Balance™ Broad Spectrum Lotion 3-Ounce (90 ml) and UltraMist Sunscreen spray 6-Ounce (177 ml) really does its job under these 7 conditions.

AmazeSkin Media Challenge First Runner Up

AmazeSkin Media Challenge Second Runner up

The  Banana Boat® AmazeSkinRace challenge engages participants in a exciting and fun team building activity. It is a race against time to complete  tasks while testing the effectiveness of  Banana Boat sunscreens, especially that of the Dry Balance variant.

We were asked to form a group with 3-4 members each. We slathered on Banana Boat® sunscreen. Formulated to absorb excess moisture, Banana Boat® Dry Balance™  UltraMist sunscreen comes out dry on the skin, giving it  a soft matte finish .  This lightweight sunscreen feels ideal on skin that you'll want to reapply!

The 6 competing teams then headed out to the beach midday in a race of teamwork and speed.

We stayed under the scorching heat of the sun for the next 2 hours completing the  tasks. Team leaders were handed out the scorecards and the initial card with matching clues leading to a Pit Stop. At 12 noon, running or walking on the hot sands is difficult, like a roadblock.

Once in the right location, team members perform one or more tasks under time pressure.  The task needed to be accomplished in the shortest time possible before being given the clue leading to the next Pit Stop. Each leg of Amazeskin Race represents the 7 proven conditions which Banana Boat® covers. We got to swim in the salty sea water on a board paddle; burned a hole through a  paper using a magnifying glass; picked 7 required pods inside an inflatable pool;  made sand castles; played frisbee;  used a sundial to cast a shadow on the required product; and used  sweat to change a paper strip's  color.

In the end, we (Team 4)  bested the other 5 teams and took home good medals plus the grand prize of P 5000.

Team 4 was declared as the AmazeSkin Media Challenge Champion

Banana Boat® Sun-Tested, Sun-Proven formula

Banana Boat® Dry Balance™ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50+ PA+++ and  UltraMist got me protected all through out the AmazeSkin Race ordeal. UltraMist soft matte, powdery finish on my atms and legs left me feeling fresh and dry despite the scorching heat. Banana Boat® sunscreen absorbs excess moisture, allowing my skin to breathe.

Aside from the Banana Boat® Dry Balance™, there is also the Banana Boat® Sunscreen Spray 6-Ounce (177 ml) bottle, which is a 2-in-1 combination of sunscreen and all-day moisturizer with Aloe Vera. Banana Boat® Dry Oil, has moisturizing formula with Argan oil for silky soft skin. It also has coconut and grape seed oils. They also have one for Kids and the Sport CoolZone variant with AvoTriplex SPF 50+ PA+++ that comes in a 4-Ounce (120 ml) bottle.

Shield your skin from harmful UV rays with Banana Boat® and   race your way  to Zambales in July 2018 for free.

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