Fiery Style satisfies your cravings for TexMex food

If you want to make the most out of your time with friends and loved ones,  the best way is to enjoy conversations over good food and cocktails.

Treat family and friends to Texmex dishes at Fiery Style. It is a casual restaurant located at the North Wing area under MOA's IMAX. It  serves authentic, comfort Texan-Mexican food plus the best mixes of Margaritas and Mojitos.

 Being TexMex cuisine, Fiery Style makes use of tortillas, shredded cheese, meat, beans, peppers and spices in flavorful, fiery dishes.

The same flavors can be found in their nachos, hard tacos and fajitas.

Fiery Style Southwestern Flaming Grill's take on Nachos is awesome!
Fiery Nachos (P 338) was served warm, spicy  sweet, crunchy and savory!

It gives you the option to choose between corn chips or potato chips drizzled with nacho cheese sauce, tomato salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, sour cream plus your choice of topping among BBQ pulled pork, chicken or barbequed beef brisket. Fiery Style offers different platter sets to feed your hungry brood.

Tacos comes in a set of 2 flour/corn tortillas servings filled with beans, Mexican cheese, salsa, sour cream, lettuce with your topping among BBQ pulled pork (P 248), grilled jalapeno-lime chicken (P 228), marinated shrimps (P 298), sauteed vegetables (P 198), barbequed beef brisket (P 358), or rump steak (P 328).

The BBQ pulled pork Tacos were tasty and heavy. That alone will make you “busog” already.

They also offer Burrito (freshly rolled soft tortilla) and Chimichanga (deep-fried burrito) with the same topping options as tacos.

Usually 6-8 inches in diameter,  burrito is  wrapped around fillings of seasoned ground beef, lemon butter rice, beans and cheese, with the ends closed.  A chimichanga is a  burrito deep-fried to a golden brown which makes   them down right crispy.   A secondary difference appears to be that chimichangas are usually meat-filled, whereas burritos can often be vegetarian-style with beans.

Baja Mixed Seafood (P 368) is a platter of calamari, grilled shrimps, and fish skewers with creamy white sauce plus your choice of salsa.

Fiery Style offers different platter sets to feed your hungry brood. Its Fiery Baby Back Ribs (P 1,298) are fork-tender pork slab ribs served with barbeque sauce and grilled corn.

The steak and ribs were tasty. They also serve chicken wings in the following three flavors--- Texan-style BBQ, Nacho Cheese Sauce and Bacon, plus Hot Sauce and Jalapeno.

The Southwest Platter (P 858) is a sampler of assorted tacos, nachos, chili con empanada, onion rings, fish fingers, Fiery BBQ chicken wings and salad served on the side.

And don't miss out on their Steak ala Familia (P 1198)! Your family will surely love indulging in this one-kilo rump steak. These seasoned steak slices are certainly enough to satisfy the heartiest of appetites.  They were cooked up perfectly over a hot fire, and are literally fork tender.

The dining experience was great!  I will surely be back for more.