Blue Water Day Spa launches New Treatments

Kim Chiu endorsing Lymphatic Massage
We must take the time to take care of our bodies and espouse relaxing activities that fosters wellbeing no matter  how busy life gets.

BlueWater Day Spa continues to advocate rhe benefits of self love by being at the forefront of providing massage services, wellness and beauty treatments directed at recharging our batteries.

BlueWater Day Spa held its grand launch earlier at the Novotel for its current line up of treatments. It also put together a special group of ambassadors who embodies its growing group of clientelle.

Present on this event is  host and actor Fabio Ide with some of their brand ambassadors; actor and model Ervic Vijandre, Ben Alves, David Licaoco, Man of the World 2017 Mustafa Galal Elezali and Manila Times COO Blanca Mercado.

All these ambassadors have different responsibilities to juggle and BlueWater Day Spa's wide array of services help them get a breather from their active lifestyles.

Kim Chiu promotes Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, which is a perfect detoxifying and slimming theraphy that works to help recirculate body fluids, stimulate functioning and balancing of the immune system.

David Licaoco shared how the Combo Herbal Massage keeps him energized. The combined Swedish and Shiatsu massage techniques help the young actor and model David Licauco relax and take a breath from the city life.

Manila Times COO Blanca Mercado related how the Anti-Aging Facial benefits her.She gave tips on how she maintains her youthful glow in spite of her busy schedule.

Blue Water Day Spa introduced also their very popular Baby Massage with their youngest brand ambassadors Yasmine Chloe Simisim, Jaden Emmanuel Trinidad and Kurt Wyatt T. Yap.

Fellow actors and athletes Benjamin Alves and Ervic Vijandre endorsed the.Athlete’s Massage.

Alves, who graduated Summa Cum Laude at the University of Guam, is a writer and , athlete before he was part of show business. On the other hand, John Ervic Manalo-Vijandre also known by his screen name Ervic Vijandre is a basketball player before becoming actor.

October is Blue Water Day Spa’s anniversary month and they’re offering 40% discount on wellness and beauty services until end of the month.

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