Hizon's Catering can make your event happen

When it comes events or gatherings, your choice of a caterer is one of the things that can make or break an event.

Flavor, quality and appearance of the food and beverages you serve depends on your decision. An amazing catering can rescue an event that’s on the rocks, but bad catering will send guests flying out the doors.

Caterers will all claim to have a solid reputation for delivering only the best quality food, and so it is important to sample their goods to know what a caterer can do. Only by trying out the menu items you are considering will you be able to taste what it is like. Ideally, a good caterer should also be able to work with items of special significance to the style or theme of your event. They should consider special requests like preparing vegetarian, vegan, kosher, or children’s meals as you deem fit for your guests.

Last July 15, 2017, Hizon’s Catering invited bloggers to a gathering that showcases how they can make your dream event happen.  Hizon’s Catering flaunted its versatility via the four mock-up event set ups occupying all four corners of the Oasis Manila’s Pavilion.

Hizon’s Catering took the time to properly displayed what it will probably  make  on your wedding, children's party, thematic event and on a company training day. We got to sample  the food, and got to experience  how each party program is presented by them.

Their mock wedding set up was formal. The station featured an extensive buffet of soup, salad, main course, including a carving station.

Their catering service for corporate seminars, workshops and training set-up boasts of a continental breakfast with an omelette cooking station, high tea and coffee options. They added bread to spruce up the breakfast selection.

The birthday party set up was the circus-inspired with a dominant red theme. Hizon's had it all laid out from planning, decorating, and hosting to make the event as fuss-free as possible.

The awards night section had hor d’oeuvres passed around by waiters and a medium spread of varied desserts was laid out for attendees.

Being in catering industry for the past 27 years, Hizon’s Catering is definitely one of best caterer in the country, specializing in weddings, private parties and corporate events. Hizon’s creative minds to work to come up with the latest and greatest unique party themes that will make your occasion stand out.

While Hizon’s Catering family matriarch,  Ms. Baby Hizon,   started the business, her son Joseph is now leading it as General Manager. Joseph introduced innovations  such as computerization, which made Hizon's Catering stay ahead of its competitors.

Today, Hizon’s Catering’s operations is housed in a fully equipped 2,500-square meter commissary in Quezon City where a trained culinary team creates mouth watering treats as well as hygienic preparation to meet the demand of its customers through a diverse local and international cuisine whipped up by the kitchen team headed by Chef Simon Dayrit.

For more information on Hizon's Catering, call them at (02) 9250103 / (02) 9250107 or drop a line at info@hizonscatering.com

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