De Rajje crafts beautiful Artisan Leather Bags and Accessories

Leather goods are made to last a lifetime that is why most people prefer it over the synthetic ones.

A good leather handbag is often attached to a fashion status that many women love them .

Leather is a  durable material that can withstand the everyday use, wear, and tear, which make them in demand.  And if you are looking for perfect leather goods items,  shop at De Rajje to find unique and handmade leather goods for your everyday needs.  Not only do their bags  inspire you on your life’s journey,  their  leather goods  can actually be passed on from generation to generation.

De Rajje's handcrafted leather bags give you that extra confidence as you go about your day. They produce handcrafted custom leather goods in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles. 

They offer name or brand stamping for their products.

According to Miss Ria Domingo, their brand RAJJE represent the first letters  of the incorporators' names.  Her partner is passionately into leather and so they decided to turned their passions into profit last year, after seeing the opportunity to build a real brand from their creations. With the help of close friends, De Rajje was founded.

The leather bags, briefcases, travel bags and accessories that create their own products by hand come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles. They have  invested in their product--they pour their heart, soul and energy into each and every item they produce. 

They also make cable ties, braided bracelets, card holders and other fashionable and trendy leather goods and accessories.

Creativity is was what drove them to sell handmade products.   Knowing that they had a product that was unique and customers were responding to it gave them confidence to pursue their passion.

Check out De Rajje's line of modern handmade leather goods and  accessories. They also accept custom-made designs and whatever leather goods that you need.

De Rajje
2169-C Narra Street
United Hills Village
(formerly United Paranaque Subd 1), Paranaque City