Tips in Finding the right Ear Monitors for you

Shopping for headphones can be daunting. These ear monitors come in different sizes, types and technology that are all critical to a purchasing decision.

It helps to make an informed choice when you're actually shopping for a pair. There are several important factors that you should consider to help you narrow down which pair you should buy.

Going through these tips will help take the mystery out of the purchase:

1) Define the purpose you are using it for and identify the device you are plugging it into.

Is it intended for work, enhanced gaming experience, home theatre, or for listening to music on the go?

2) Decide on a budget. Does the price of the ear monitor fit into your budget? Remember that you get what you pay for.

3) Decide between in-ear monitors, on-ear monitors, and full-size headphones.
In-ear monitors (IEMs) are inserted into the ear canal. It is useful especially for those who like listening to music while exercising since they are lightweight and portable.

On-ear monitors are also called earpad headphones and supra-aural headphones. On-ear monitors rest on the outer ears of the user and provide more power than in-ear headphones.

Full-Size Headphones, circumaural headphones and over-the-ear headphones are designed to fully cover a user’s ears. While it performs better in terms of audio loudness and clarity, their large size also makes them bulky to carry around.

4) Evaluate if you need noise-canceling features unless you're willing to shell out the big bucks. Do you need to be fully immersed in their music or movie without any noise disturbances from the outside world? If so, Full-size headphones might just be what you need. It provides the best noise isolation among the three types.

5) Do you prefer the ear monitors to be free of cords? Then Wireless headphones is your best bet since it makes them completely hands-free. It can be used comfortably without worrying about cable length and tangling.

These headphones usually work on one of three major transmission technologies---radio frequency, infrared and Bluetooth that gives you mobility and a better range of movement.

6) Try it out. Most local stores will let you try out to determine sound quality and comfort. Wear the headphones for at least 20 minutes before deciding about ccomfort. Look at the earbuds' overall appearance for style and color that matches your tastes.

With a better understanding of what to look for in headphones, you can now pick the best model among those available at in ear monitors.


  1. I didn't know that there are many things that need to be considered when buying an earphone/ear monitors. Before I just buy whatever is available, but now, I know what to consider. Thanks! :)

  2. Havent thought there are so many considerations in buying an ear phone. Not aware as well of the many names it is called. But now I understand we should first determine the purpose of an earphone in order to buy the best that suits our needs.

  3. Wow,I was amazed of your tips. Usually, I just buy earphones based on their designs and I don't care about its sound quality

  4. I prefer ear phones to headphones so this is really useful. I like the ones that are not so big. I didn't realize that there are so many kinds.

  5. Will share this to my cousin who's planning to buy earphones. Thank you for the useful tips.

  6. I need an earphone too, thanks for the tips I'll keep these in mind.

  7. Great tips! Will consider this the next time I buy an earpphone.

  8. My daughters are so much into earphones/headphones and they use these as in daily, so I have to make sure that I buy quality ones talaga. If not, ang bilis masira.

  9. I'm not really fond of using earphones unless i'll use Smule because its required :p but great tips!


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