Rajo Laurel for American Standard collaboration on Showers of Happiness

American Standard is a brand known for its game-changing innovations in bathroom design and technology. And it   raised its standards higher in its recent collaboration with famed Filipino designer Rajo Laurel to bring his impeccable style into an uplifting shower experience.

Known throughout the country – even the world, for passion and innovation is Rajo Laurel, who by himself is a brand, equated in the fashion industry for designs that are always new, organic, and sensual. Gifted with an innate eye for beauty, Rajo as the creative genius at the helm of Rajo Laurel Enterprises wears two caps with equal aplomb, that of a fashion guru and a keen businessman.

All Rajo Laurel pieces are meant to be viewed as works of art. They are of such workmanship, of such artisan quality, that they make a Rajo Laurel design and creation not only prized but aspired for.

The Philippine fashion powerhouse icon came up with American Standard shower systems that exudes the brand's philosophy of ensuring valued consumers reach the heights if stylish showering.

These shower systems are the heart of American Standard’s philosophy of ensuring that its valued consumers reach the heights of stylish showering.

“For the delight of our customers who do not settle for anything less than American Standard, we have made a fitting collaboration with one of the best designers in the Philippines, if not the world, to allow our customers to enjoy stylish showering with our shower packages that come with Rajo Laurel’s fashionable towel and bathroom essentials,” said Mr. Alen Alban, Country Manager of Lixil Philippines, the global conglomerate behind American Standard.

The bathroom product much loved by Filipinos and the world, American Standard lives to raise standards in bathrooms, passionately creating game-changing products that delight and enhance the consumers’ bathing experience.

More so when it comes to showering: American Standard appreciates how much a lovely shower can ease away the effects of one’s daily grind, or set off a morning to a vibrant start: for these reasons, the brand delivers stylish showering with shower products unmatched in quality and design, equally beautiful and sensible, pleasing not only to the eye, but indulgent and thoughtful in its features.

These two iconic brands come together for the innovative "Showers of Happiness" multi-tiered promotion that indulge customers in stylish showering with complimentary premium gift item(s) personally curated by Rajo Laurel.

From June 1, 2017 – July 31, 2017, consumers availing any of the Showers of Happiness shower system collections are rewarded with the following: 

 Tier 1 P5.299 – P9,999 worth of purchase 
 Rajo Laurel Premium Bath Towel Tier 2 P11,999 – P14,999 worth of purchase
 Rajo Laurel Premium Bath Essential Set (Perfume, Hand Soap, Body Wash and Lotion) 

 Tier 3 P15,499 – P24,499 worth of purchase 
Rajo Laurel Premium Bath Towel + Bath Set 

Participating stores for this promotion include Wilcon Depot, CW Depot, All Home and select outlets of American Standard nationwide.

Visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AmericanStandardPH/ for more details about American Standard products and customer promotions.