Be Your Own Boss with JAM Foods Business Dealership

As a homemaker, I often buy easy to cook food products in the grocery for quick food fixes especially when we are stuck imdoors. I love that some processed food  come in pre-cooked and offers the same  restaurant goodness at home which my family   enjoys!

Convenience has become a big driver for the success of frozen food and marinated meat to consumers.

The unique proposition of fast-to-cook and ready-to-eat food appeals to many as it simplifies food preparation and gives versatile options to intensify flavors.

There is a huge opportunity out there for fast-to-cook / ready-to-fry  / ready-to-eat food and JAM Foods and Co., invites entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals to start their own business with a low start-up capital. Owners  Chef John Cu-Unjieng and wife Michelle (behind the famous U.S.D.A. Angus beef tapa, salpicao and other premium ready-to-cook products) is taking their brand further by accepting distributors and resellers.  Through this channel, young entrepreneurs can sell at their own convenience.  "Having the choice to sell from their own homes or their communities, makes them more efficient," according to Chef John.

Now on its 4th year of incorporation, JAM Foods not only provides you with the freshest pork and beef choice cuts products but it also works together on texture, flavor and appearance that includes a variety of marinades, dips sprinklers and  premixed blends which takes  signature dishes to  new levels.

Premium Lean Angus Tapa, Korean Beef Barbeque, Angus Ribeye, Angus Burger Patties, Top Fillet Steak plus Hot and Spicy Angus Tapa have been added gradually by the Cu-Unjiengs to stay true to the company's goal of diversifying and providing value-added meat products that set them apart from competitors.

And we got to taste a few of these best sellers at Hexagon Lounge.

With Chef John Cu-Unjieng's meat-handling expertise and exceptional creativity, JAM Foods has remained unparalled in the ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook category. These coupled with high product quality and great value for money has made JAM Foods one of the most discerning homemakers' cohort at the dining table over the years.

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