Whipped preps you up for Summer

Two weeks ago, we were back at Whipped to try out their bundled services. My daughter went in for the Strawberry Fudge bundled treatments. Summer is in and these bundled services really saves us money. Priced at P 1300, Strawberry Fudge includes bikini, eyebrow, underarm and full leg waxing.

Waxing does make a big difference to your eyebrows and the rest of your face. Well-groomed brows frame the eyes and highlight one's best features. She was ushered into a room and two the waxers started working on her simultaneously after putting on blue gloves.

She is no stranger to brow grooming. I introduced her to eyebrow waxing last year to help define her facial features.

She still finds the eyebrow sugar waxing a little bit painful than underarm waxing as the therapist stretches the sticky sugar wax onto the eyebrow area to remove hair.

She had some minor pain during leg waxing. It did hurt the first few times the therapist stretched the sugar onto the shin and rips it off repeatedly in quick pulls on the skin, working her way up to the thigh.

With summer heat on, now is definitely the time to embrace leg waxing. Thanks to Whipped, my Danica got her super smooth legs, just in time for summer.

Waxing is one of the best methods for hair removal as it will take off more hair than other methods. Go visit Whipped soon.

South Park Ayala Alabang Mall
Muntinlupa City