Third Eye is your 360-degree go-to Wellness Center

Last March 20, I was introduced to  The Third Eye Wellness Center.  I learned  that it  is the go-to wellbeing center for those looking out for non-conventional healing modalities like ThetaHealing®.

Sanaiyah Gurnamal founded the Third Eye Wellness Center in Dubai and brought it to the Philippines. Sanaiyah holds a Master’s Degree in ThetaHealing® technique which was designed by Vianna Stibal after she healed herself from cancer.  The Third Eye Wellness Center promotes  wellness through mind and body integration, self-development, health and nutrition.

How ThetaHealing® Works

It works on the premise that since everything around us is energy, the physical condition will clear out by releasing the negative emotions. Thoughts affect our emotions (fear, anger, sadness, and guilt). These emotions accumulate over time and affect our energies eventually resulting in energy blocks that cause stress, emotional pain, disease in the body, spiritual issues and challenges.

 It treats the whole person by clearing out emotions that manifest in a problem.  It works on emotions to heal the diseases by utilizing the Theta brain wave.

ThetaHealing® helps rebalances your energy field and removes energy blocks from current and past traumas, diseases and accidents.

 What happens in a ThetaHealing® session

To begin the  therapy session, the practitioner discusses with the client what concern or issue he would like help on. This  gives the practitioner a starting point.

The Theta Healer asks for permission each time to facilitate the healing of the client. The client goes through a deep meditative state that generates theta brain waves.

The Theta Healing practitioner then scans the client's energy field and body to sense what is going on and to bring out the beliefs from the sub-conscious mind to the surface, after the client you gives his permission. Scanning aids in finding the root cause why a person may be holds onto a condition, or life situation. The practitioner then utilizes the Theta brain waves to facilitate the healing process.


Dine in at the Chakra Cafe. Give your body a healthy boost from the healthy food and drink options offered at the cafe.

Load up on booster juice concoctions they offer. With it, you get the same vitamins, minerals and nutrients as you would in a drink made from fresh fruits and veggies. These smoothies are delicious juice options for an overall health boost.

Immerse yourself in self-help books. Choose from those which focus on Spiritual Healing, Astrology, and Divination.

Enjoy their pampering treats at the Transcend Spa and Nails.
I had reflexology coupled with a back massage.

Get a tarot card reading. A tarot  reader can be help you in understand why certain things do not go the way you expect it. He may be able to shed light on a few things not working well in your life.

Overall, I enjoyed the talk, the healing session, the food and the massage treatment.

Visit the Third Eye Wellness Center to ease your mind and body. It is a haven for health and wellness.

Third Eye Wellness Center
6F 20th Drive, Corporate Center,
20th Drive Mckinley Business Park, BCG