Sun-kissed Summer at Club Balai Isabel

The  summer break is a much-awaited time of the year.   If unwinding is what you need, summer offers that and more. Summer time give us the liberty of time to explore and do more things with family and friends.    And this includes roadtrips.

Have you ever visited a place that you connected to?

Like the majority, my daughter and I love to cool down from the sweltering heat by taking a dip in the swimming pool. We often think of that perfect summer place as the temperatures soar. To me, it is Club Balai Isabel.

 It is my comfort hideaway that I will always go back to. It is  a place  I'm always dreaming of  returning to.

 The resort provides picturesque views of the Taal Lake and the twinkling lights of sky as it transitions into nightfall.

Upon checking in early this month, our group proceeded to the Attic Suite at the 3rd Floor of Laurel Lakeside Suites. The door opens to a kitchen in front of a small dining area. There is a plushy couch that doubles up as a day bed on the right side following the comfort room. Across the dining area is a veranda. The stairway on the upper right leads up  to the bedroom loft.

After settling down and having lunch at the Cafe Terraza, we geared up for the water sports adventure near the Kumintang Infinity Pool. I always look forward to trying out their water activities like kayaking, banana boat and jetski rides. These are just perfect for an intrepid adventure with my co-mombloggers!

Nothing says relaxation like spending our day cruising on the water with the kids in tow!

Going to Kumintang Pool, we passed by the resort Front Desk area and the villas. There is a walkway going towards the boardwalk that bends at the back of the new Kumintang Cafe.

I liked that we practically own the place during our visit. Swimming at Kumintang Pool was worth the travel.

The pool by the Cafe Terraza is always filled with kids and so we opted to stay at the Kumintang Infinity Pool for most of the time.

It is the same area where the recently-opened Kumintang Cafe is located and where we had our dinner. They offer pasta, pizza, burgers and a lot more!

We got to enjoy  cool treats at the Kumintang Cafe of Club Balai Isabel. Kids felt right at home with Hamburger and Fries. Those looking for something close to home like me, were delighted with the Tilapia Ceviche.

 Aglio Olio was a hit for pasta lovers in our group looking for a little bit of fire. They also serve the freshest fruit and milk shakes along with coffee brews prepared by their inhouse baristas.

For further indulgence, the culinary team offered a spread of handcrafted fusion food served with cocktails or lager. Kumintang Cafe really offers guests a change of pace from the Filipino food options the Cafe Terraza! It is a perfect place for dining al fresco.

What I love about Club Balai Isabel:

1. Guests with children need not fret about keeping the kids happy. The resort has picnic areas and playgrounds to keep them entertained.

2. It has amenities to help guests keep their health on the track. Guests can rent out bikes, play billiards, basketball or bust out their rackets at the tennis court.

3. Every room has a veranda structured to bring in nature's breeze to people enjoying their meals—an unwinding comfort experience.

4. Their rooms are equipped with high-definition flat screen TVs that bring comfort and satisfaction to any cinematic lover.

5. There is a church inside the resort.

6. They have spa and massages services which guests can avail room in.

7. Exploring the resort is like a relaxing walk in a park as Club Balai Isabel  sits on a landscape of rich foliage and impressive views. They actually grow their own fruits and vegetables, which they serve to guests at the restaurants.

8. It is a venue for both business and leisure. Their function rooms are equipped with audio-visual facility for corporate meeting, weddings and other special gatherings.

9. The Lake Forest Mansions of Club Balai Isabel give its high-profile guests more privacy to enjoy their stay with well-appointed suites, spacious living room, state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, pivate swimming pool, patios and more.

More improvements are in store as Club Balai Isabel will soon launch its 5000-sqm floating island towards the end of April.

Go to Club Balai Isabel to enjoy hassle-free vacations and experience memorable resort living with modern comforts.

Club Balai Isabel
Banga, Talisay, Batangas
Moile (+63)906-5185494

Phone (02)584-4068


  1. Been seeing a lot of posts in social media about this resort. Can't wait to see the place and enjoy it with my family, too! 😊

  2. I am sooo hungry after looking at the food pictures. AAAAAAAaaaaa.

  3. What a nice place. I read also the other day blog about Club Balai Isabel, wow!!! Sikat na pala itey. Ngayon ko Lang Kasi narinig Yung place kaya di ako familiar. But then, bongga pala Ng place. Pwede siya for starvcation, or wedding celebration. Then the food, wow!! Looks yummy and delicious. Grabe! Sana next company outing namin Jan ang ang punta. Hahaha how I wish!!

  4. Glad to have come across this because we got a booking tomorrow and I was wondering what to do there for four days


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