Shopee Expands Selection of Men’s Products with the increase in Male Online Shoppers

While online shopping has traditionally been a female activity, guys aren't about to get left behind. The number of Filipino males browsing for better deals is increasing.

Shopee recognized this new behavior of male consumers, who are more meticulous than women when it comes to buying online.

In the Shopee event held earlier, Head of Commercial Business Macy Castillo shared that "Apart from gadgets that are widely popular no matter the age, the shopping behavior of Filipino men differ based on ag groups. While men aged between 20 and 24 are trend conscious and have lower spending power, they shop more often, buying more Fashion and Accessories.

Men between 25 to 30 spend a bit more on Wellness, Hobbies and Sports items; while men between 31-35 who have higher purchasing power, buy from our Toys, Kids and Babies category as well as Men’s Skincare. We see our dads buying baby bottles and face creams -- products that they are not usually seen buying in public!”

To cater to the different and discerning needs of male customers, Shopee expands its product selection with more trusted brands like Belo Essentials, HP, SanDisk and Promate.

Belo Men Brand Manager Mario Garcia says, “With Shopee, we can tap more consumers for Belo Men. It enables us to reach out to our customers and help them with their needs and concerns. We are very happy with our partnership!”

Joharrah Aviles, Promate’s E-Commerce Director of Southeast Asia adds, “Shopee is the perfect shopping app for our brand. Not only is it convenient and hassle-free, but it is also highly social in nature, which helps us a lot in communicating with our customers.”

For men who are hesitant about shopping online, Shopee’s Live Chat allays fears by allowing buyers to easily communicate with the sellers for any questions they may have. Users also enjoy Shopee Guarantee, which protects payments until orders are delivered.

Shopee is available at free download from the App Store and Google Play. For more information about Shopee, or to start your online shopping experience, visit