Novotel opens Ice N Cream to Sweeten your Summer

Novotel Manila Araneta Center is set to indulge your sweet tooth and beat the heat this Summer with its Ice N Cream recipes! It teams up with Carmen’s Best Ice Cream as it starts scooping this April 16!

Ice N Cream churned up artisanal flavor combinations you wouldn't have dreamed possible. There's a little something for everyone from childhood and adult favorites to a trail blaze of unique flavors! Ice cream fanatics can choose from Classic, Philippine Flavors, Sorbets, Alcoholic and Sugar-Free to beat the summer heat.


Oui Vanilla! (Vanilla) is real vanilla bean infused in smooth custard

Wake Me Up Before You Go-go! (Caffe Latte) combines 2 rich notes of coffee with real coffee bean crunch

Choco Goes Nuts (Choco Peanut) takes Premium Belgian chocolate a step further by adding in roasted peanuts

It Match-A Been Love (Matcha) is deep yet delicate Japanese matcha essence coupled with rich cream.

Philippine Flavors

Purple Dream (Ube and Langka) Smooth yam elevated with slivers of Philippine Jackfruit

Green with Envy (Avocado) The richness of avocado perfectly balanced with Belgian chocolate chips.

Smell Me, Taste Me, Love Me (Durian) Sweet creamy custard with the King of Fruit's subdued essence

Leche de Almond (Leche Flan) Velvety leche flan ceowned with ceunchy Almond Florentine

These traditional varieties are just the beginning. There are also fruity flavors enhanced to make the creamiest ice cream I've ever tasted!


Cocoyeah (Coconut) Creamy coconut milk mixed witu slivers of young coconut meat

Passionista (Passion Fruit) Pleasantly sweet and tart silky passion fruit goodness

Wazzup Soursop (guyabano) Sour citrus notes contrasted with smooth soursop puree

Breezy Berry (Mixed berries with mint) A mèlange of berries married with the cool breeze of mint.

Mango Tango (Mango) Contrast of fresh local mangoes and Cebu's dried mangoes.

For a more grown-up concoction, they added a little alcohol to your standard ice cream base:


Tijuana Surprise (Cucumber Dalandan Tequila) Refreshing cucumber and dalandan spiked with fiery tequila.

Papa Don Preach (Rum Raisin) Plump, juicy raisins enhanced with a kick of warmth from rum

Kirsk Me (Black Forest) High quality couverture chocolate and sponge fused with fruity Kirsch brandy

All the flavors were great. The liquors do not overwhelm the ice cream, but lends a touch of maltiness, as it eenhance the base flavors.

Even health-conscious individuals have some guilt-free flavors to try out:


Yo Berry Yo (Yogurt with berries) Merriment if tar Swiss yogurt and mixed berries

Oh Honey Honey (Calamansi and Honey) Local lime zing blended with Tagaytay honey

Get an ice cream scoop starting from P 100 effective Easter Sunday, Ice N Cream by Novotel extends complimentary one (1) scoop of ice cream for every purchase of one (1) scoop of any variant (diner pays for the higher priced ice cream flavor) from April 16 to 29.

You can take your ice cream choice a step further by adding toppings for better flavor. You may choose from chocolate/strawberry syrup, chocolate sprinkle, gummy bears, corn flakes, jelly candies, chocnut bars, macaroons, dried fruits, raisins, chocolate crinkles, cookies, marshmallows, and wafers among others.

Choose your flavor from these 18 flavors and make your own Le Mont Gourmand!

Ice N Cream by Novotel also has Coconut Cheesecake, Chocolate Praline Cake, Mini Mango Passion Cake, Croissant, Danish breads, and Double Chocolate Chip cookies to complement your ice cream experience.

Call (02) 990 7888 or email to know more about Novotel Manila Araneta Center's Ice N Cream Dream Team promo.


  1. Wow!!! Bagay this summer.. sarap naman.

  2. Ideal food getaway this summer and the fact that I want to go back in Escolta for their Mt Everest (9 scoops ice cream) perfect thirst quencher!


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