How Women Empowerment Came to Being

With the last coffee date between Rowena Suarez and Joy Felizardo, they talked about these how women can come together to strengthen each other and how she's very willing to share her knowledge about money matters, budgeting, savings, starting out a business, keeping up a business and essential topics every woman needed to understand, to be able to gain freedom from stress, financial uncertainty, poverty, poor health, personal insecurities and many others.

Out of that invigorating talk, they came up with Women Empowerment or WE, a series of events where we would invite society's movers and shakers, ordinary women who are doing well in their own endeavors, each learning from each other and supporting one another in endless possible ways. From that as well, we came up with our first event.

These series of events will be touching points on money matters and other things that matters to women. We want to embolden the idea of wealth management and make them a blessing to others as well, even in their own little ways. Their first talk came into fruition as bloggers and women starting up their business and broadening their networks came at Simple Lang at Ayala Triangle Gardens, entitled Women and Money.

The second series of talk, throw a Party Without Getting Broke, was all about DIY-ing a simple party and how budgeting and early planning can make any occasion-planning fail-proof.

#We Series 2 was held at Stew Comfort Food by Chef Michelle Adrillana at Addition Hills, Mandaluyong.

Apart from the lovely discussion of Rowena Suarez (@JustAskRo) on 6 Pillars of Wealth, we shared with Chef Michelle’s best-selling pasta dish, Quattro Formaggi and Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

The afternoon was also a delightful experience having to be the first bloggers to taste @SpringValleyPH Mango and Banana drink and @PoptopsPH.

Everyone is welcome to attend their strings talks, make sure to follow their updates at their Facebook page- @WEManila.