Satisfying Buffet at Cabalen plus a Giveaway!

Many people patronize buffet-style restaurants because these dinners allow them to taste a wide variety of dishes.  I love going to buffets as I get to have more of my food favorites and get to discover new ones  at a very affordable price.

I usually go to Cabalen to satisfy my cravings for Filipino food. Cabalen's eat-all-you-can buffet is  priced at P 298 per head on regular days ;  P499 per head on weekend lunch. Cabalen buffet  has expanded to include  Japanese and Chinese food in Cabalen’s Mall of Asia, Megamall, and Ermita branches (P 398).

I went to SM Megamall branch this time for their  Filipino-Asian Buffet.   The place was  jampacked with people.

Their salad station  shines the spotlight on garden-fresh veggies, Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, watercress, onions, and parsley combine with your choice of  drizzled dressings.

They even had different salad concoctions and offer a selection of vegetable tempura!  The crispy kang-kong and okoy is a must try,  I like the tartar dip that goes with it.

They also have great Filipino viand to choose from like Kare-Kare (tripe cooked in peanut sauce), Lechon (roasted pork), Pinakbet (sauteed mixed vegetables), Beringhe (Pampanga's version of paella), Ginataang Kuhol (golden apple snails are cooked in coconut milk), Sisig, Dinuguan (pork stew) and other Filipino trademark foods.

They have Tofu, Pork, Chicken and Bangus Sisig which they serve in small iron skillets upon order.

I had several servings of  my favorite Kare-Kare.   Cabalen makes it from scratch and I love how tender the tripe stew is!  It goes well with their in-house bagoong, which has the right mix of saltiness and sweetness.

Filipino-Asian Buffet includes Maki sushi, vegetable rolls and california rolls. Chinese favorites, including siomai and steamed rice!

I also took fancy on their Lechon Kawali. The crispy pork cutlets that are tender and moist. Biting into these meat cracklings was heavenly!

They also have a handful of grilled fishes and the real Kapampangan burong hipon (shrimp with fermented rice) or  burong aligue (crab fat with fermented rice) that  gives texture to these dishes.  A couple of steamed vegetables like eggplant, ampalaya, okra etc. completes the experience.

They have chocolate fondue, fruits, puto and kakanin for your sweet cravings.

If you like Halo-Halo, youshould try out their Guinumis  selection, Guinumis is a Filipino dessert similar to Halo-Halo. It  is a beverage mix made from coconut milk, toasted pinipig, sago and gulaman. 

Overall, my buffet experience was good and satisfying.  Now for the giveaway:

The Cabalen chain of restaurants has been the standard for excellent Filipino food.  And as Cabalen celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and it is sponsoring a giveaway for my loyal followers! One loyal follower of Lucky Finds gets a chance to win Buffet Passes for Two

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This giveaway is  open to Metro Manila residents and will end 12NN on April 10, 2017
The winner must claim their prizes at their  head office located at #54 JP Rizal St. corner Aguado St., Project 4, Quezon City (near Katipunan LRT Station).

UPDATE:  The guveaway has ended and JEDA was drawn as winner

3/F Bldg B, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City


    FB: Rain Gatdula

  2. Cabalen is a really affordable option for buffet meals. They have a lot of dishes to choose from.

  3. One of my favorite buffet resto- very affordable at pinoy na pinoy ang dishes :)

    FB/IG @iamjeday

  5. I'm glad that they are adding more dishes on their offerings. Para naman makasabay sa ibang buffet restaurant.

  6. We are not really buffet people, but I would not mind winning a buffet meal here at Cabalen. I have tried their buffet before and the food is very good there.

  7. I like the meals at Cabalen as it's not too overwhelming in terms of number of food. It does include all the great choices.

  8. I've never tried Cabalen before but it seems like a great place to indulge in local food especiallY! This seems like a super cool opportunity! :D

  9. If I'm in the mood for Filipino food, I go to Cabalen too. I'm lucky that there's one near my office because their lunch buffet's super sulit.

  10. Availed of their buffet made of Filipino dishes and it was good. Food selections were truly Cabalen. I personally like their fresh seagrass salad and their native desserts.

  11. Lovely place! I love salad stations. Being a vegetarian, I can at least gorge on them if no other food is available. Good luck to giveaway participants.

  12. Wow! Considering their affordable buffet rates, the food selection is a good deal. Haven't tried Cabalen yet, we will consider this mommy 😊

    Ig: istin_21
    FB: istin

  14. woo... nice international buffet! I hope they are open to hosting foreign blogger when we come to visit? I really hope to try the authentic local dishes!

  15. Cabalen is one of my go-to places when I am craving for Igado. :)

  16. Wow! This is nice. I like Cabalen food also. Tried their buffet several times. I also tried their merienda buffet before. Super sulit! :)

  17. I wish I can say I love Cabalen but I wasn't very happy when I ate there once with my hubby and son. It was lunch time and there didn't seem to be too many good options to choose from. Hindi ko nakita ang Japanese, honestly. Puro Filipino food and desserts lang. Maybe I missed it?

    1. Cabalen’s Mall of Asia, Megamall, and Ermita brances do have the Japanese food options.


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