Security Bank issues Advisory

Are you looking for a bank that has everything you need?

Most of us deal with our banks in one way or another on a regular basis. So when the bank isn't delivering and leaves us unhappy, we move our money elsewhere. Even big-name banks do fail me at times.

I use direct deposits and online payments to keep my finances in order. Having easy access to my account is the one service that is most important to me. I found myself paying a lot of extra fees with my previous bank as it does not have an extensive network.

Like everyone else, I don't like paying extra fees to use the ATM. The small fees stack up over time since I pull cash often. These fees eat into my account balance. So I chose to transfer to Security Bank. I carefully studied bank's fee schedule before I signed up to know what I need to do in order to avoid fees.

While other banks require transaction fees, Security Bank does not charge for Intrabank/Interbranch transactions.

Security Bank does not charge fees for transfers between Security Bank accounts—whether the transfer is done through the mobile app, online (SBOL), or over the counter.

As a Security Bank customer:

• You can transfer up to P1MM per day to any Security Bank account—regardless of whether the receiving account is enrolled in online banking—with no transfer charges.
• If you are transferring between accounts that you own, there is no transfer limit.
• Any transfer to an external account where the transferred amount is over P40K will require a one-time-password (OTP).
• If you are transferring funds to an account for the first time, the transaction will require a one-time-password (OTP).

Security Bank clients enjoy these privileges.

I love that Security Bank has a big ATM network that allows me to access my money, fee-free, from ATMs in their network. It is a huge advantage to me now that my new bank helps me manage my transactions and schedule transfers fast and easy. I need not pay service charges to use another bank's ATM to access my money when I'm out of town.

Their network also has with agreements with grocery chains offer convenient one-stop shopping and banking. Convenience is important to me and so online and mobile banking are definite a plus! These conveniences are something I don't mind paying for.

How about you? Are you happy with the one did you end up with? Do visit the Security Bank Advisory posted on their Facebook Page here.


  1. The Security Bank's free inter/intrabranch fee is a good one. I use ### and ### banks for my Savings account, they charge interbranch fee but I don't mind as I only go to the parent branches for my accounts. And also, my banks are within Mall establishment so I feel very secure.

    If Security bank wanted to be noticeably competitive, I suggest they add more branches, open their banking operation on weekends, fix their Android app and open a trading portal.



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