Healthy Food at DS Cafe

 Healthy eating advocates often tell us to "eat the rainbow" and rightfully so.

Eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables help provide a collection of vitamins and nutrients that our body needs to stay healthy. The fastfood and processed foods that we so commonly eat pales in comparison to the health and beauty benefits we get from eating across a rainbow of foods. It is a big plus on the healthy scale, as it fosters beautiful skin and wellness inside and out.

Now DS Cafe in Gateway Mall - Cubao offers these colourful plates of food that are both appealing and healthy. Diana Stalder Skincare Center have continuously shared their skincare love and expertise ffortwo decades with their customers and this time, it introduces tbe deliciousness of fruits and vegetables to help you jumpstart in this healthy food game.

DS Cafe  is Diana Stalder's venture into the healthy food business.

DS Cafe has got the whole family in mind. They have greens, Waldorf salad, combo sandwiches, vegetable dishes and even protein fuves to help you make better food choices. And eating right is also paired with juicing.

 They also offer freshly juiced fruits and vegetables loaded with an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Whether you are eating sliced or juiced fruits and vegetables and giving your body the much-needed enzymes it needs.

By eating better for your skin, you ensue a glowing, supple skin and you'll feel more satisfied. Eating for Beauty supplies you with the needed skin care nutrients needed to make your skin stay healthy from the inside out.

Eat a handful daily of the colors of the rainbow with clean-eating recipes from DS Cafe!


  1. It's nice to see Diana Stalder venturing into healthy foods. We all need a lot of healthy options.

    1. Yes, it is good that they offer healthy food for the holistic approach in beauty.

  2. They look sumptuous and delicious.

    Most kids don't have appetite for green foods. I think, DS Cafe is the right place for them to regain their appetite to eat fruits and vegetables. It would be a great place for hangout.


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