Filipinos dominate Asian counterparts lacking exercise based on Sunlife's Health Index results

 Philippines topped the list of countries in Asia with individuals lacking regular exercise, according to the Sun Life Financial Asia Health Index for 2016  conducted across eight markets in the Asia Pacific. The survey questioned respondents from Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam on their attitudes towards healthy and active living, their health concerns for the future and expectations on access to healthcare.

Results of the index presented to the media last January 19, 2017 revealed that the Philippines, along with Thailand and Malaysia, had a majority or 61 percent of the population who were not having any regular physical activity.

The index also showed 30 percent of the population who feel less healthy now compared to three years ago.

Among the key barriers  to having a healthier life identified by Filipino responderespondentslack of time due to work (57 percent), lack of personal motivation (47 percent), distractions of modern life (47 percent), cost (45 percent) and lack of venues for sports and recreation (35 percent) according to
Ms. Mylene Lopa, Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer who delivered the report.

It appears the Filipino millenials do belong to a population segment called “Generation O,” or those who are overworked, overweight, and overwhelmed in Asia based on the latest findings, shared by  Sun Life Philippines President and chief executive officer Riza Mantaring.

Work seems to be one of the biggest causes of stress, making  Filipino millenials the most stressed generation if all time.

While the study reflected that a majority of Filipinos maybe hurting their health in several ways,  lacking exercise, the same research showed Filipinos are among the most optimistic about the state of their health, as it garnered a score of 89 on the overall health index.

The same research showed 83 percent of Filipinos also want to exercise to feel healthy and to improve their mental health.

Filipinos  are  mindful about their    emotional well-being since they are most likely in the region to say that their emotional health is "good" or "extremely good" and was they ranked second most positive in the region when it comes to their physical health.

Ms. Mantaring says, "With all the things that demand our time and attention, it's usually our health that suffers because it's relegated to the least of our priorities. However, this should not be the case. This is why we at Sun Life have been boosting our suite of wellness products and mounting events that would help Filipinos to pursue their health goals."

Sun Life has created SUN Fit and Well program to address these problems and get Filipinos back on their wellness track. SUN Fit and Well provides access to GoWell, Sun Life's Wellness programs wherein members can enjoy special privileges that will help them keep mind and body fit!

With GoWell,   Filipinos could start exercising now, get fit, and have fun!
It is also available to non-SUN Fit and Well policy holders. Interested individuals can be a member of GoWell by just logging on to to pre-register and join activities like zumba and yoga sessions, running clinics, and more!

"Sun Life remains committed to helping Filipinos face a brighter tomorrow by being in the best of health," shares Ms. Riza. "The results of the Asia Health Index reiterate the need to promote a healthier lifestyle, and Sun Life wants to be the Filipinos' partner in pursuing the journey."


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