Canaan Hills Farms and Honey Garden

A visit to the Canaan Hills Farms and Honey Garden in Biliran province was the culminating activity in our Region 8 organic farm tour. Canaan Hill Farm and Honey Garden is  one of the learning sites of Agricultural Training Institute(ATI) in Region 8 Eastern Visayas and an accredited agri-tourism site by the Department of Tourism.

It was an awesome sight as we  passed the Biliran Bridge that connects Leyte and Biliran Island. The  Biliran island used to be part of Leyte that eventually became a separate province in 1992.

The Canaan Hills Farms and Honey Garden is  about  2-hour drive from Tacloban City and 30 minutes travel from Naval town, Biliran province's capital.

The 7-hectare farm land had its name taken from the Bible's "promised land" and is being managed by Eduardo and Priscilla Espinazo and their nine children, a majority of which  left their jobs to concentrate on farming and develop Canaan Hills Farms and Honey Garden as a major tourist destination when it opened in 2013.

The Espinazo family exerts effort and time on the farm to encourage people to develop passion in organic farming.  Even without a formal background in farming, they were able to build up the farm little by little with  help from ATI.

Today,   more than 30 varieties of fruit-bearing trees like banana, coconut, mango, rambutan,  jackfruit can be seen in the farm, along with vegetables.  Canaan Hill Farms produces peanut butter, calamansi drink concentrates, turmeric powder, ginger tea drinks that comes in Camote, Lemon Honey and Four Seasons flavors,  They also sell fresh produce and organic eggs.

The  farm practices  organic and  natural farming technology. They process sheep manure and sheep urine in vermiculture, use this as fertilizers to nourish the soil they till. They teach marcotting at the farm--vegetative reproduction process to induces rooting in a tree branch's part.

They also apply contour farming to conserve rainwater and to reduce soil losses erosion.  While hill farming is an extensive farming in upland areas, Canaan Hill Farms is breath taking. It is  well-maintained farm with lots of open spaces and instagram-worthy nooks to spend quiet time.

Ornamental plants adorn the farm landscape, making it the most beautiful organic farm among the ones I've have been to.  There are lot of  eye-catching places inside that make the place look like an uphill oasis or resort.

There are pavillions and huts inside farm stations that serve as  dining and entertaining areas. There are several nooks in the farm wherein you can immerse yourself in a book or a nap. Kids would love the open spaces and lounge areas around it.

There are patios and porches around that provide a welcoming feel. A skirt of flowers decorates the front yard patios.   You can sit back and  enjoy a cold glass of juice on a hot summer day.  

Canaan is a quiet place where you can live in the moment, de-stress and relax in the evening.

ATI RTC 8 actively supports the accreditation of learning sites in the region. These sites provide on-site-practical agriculture-learning to farmers.

Do visit Canaan Hills Farms and Honey Garden and get a good view of the Caibiran Bay from atop.  It is nice place to spend time seeing the amazing sunsets, different colors of the sky and revel in joy staring at the amazing blue bay from the hill.

Canaan Hills Farms and Honey Garden
Caibiran, Biliran, Leyte
Open from 9AM to 5PM  Monday through Saturday