Bling in the Holidays with Groupon

Christmas is almost knocking with less than 10 days to go, and I'm having a difficult time creating my perfect Christmas wish list for my only child.  She loves dressing up but how do you dress up a 12-year old girl who dying to be an adult so fast?

As a child, she had worn practical white dresses, which could easily be pulled up to change diapers. When she was a bit older, I had her dressed up in delicate and dainty pink dresses often matched with glittery shoes or sandals.

Now, she has her own style. She has a penchant for girly and cute pastel  outfits.  Flower prints and bright-colored dresses do look good on her.

I want to give her semi-fitted styles that softly follow her curves and give her  flattering silhouettes. Anything either too loose or too fitted is always out of the question! What I have in mind is something like a  wrap dress, belted shirt dresses and full skirts that show off her waistline.  I prefer outfits that  makes her look feminine, but not babyish.

At Dress Barn ,  I found a  great range of fashionable  junior girls dresses that fits her style. There are plenty of options to try out fun looks!

There are trendy clothes  to make girls look fresh and confident even for those casual days when you want to be comfortable.  Whether one want to get dolled up in a dress and heels,  casual with jeans  a fitted t-shirt, Dress Barn has it all!

And how wonderful it is that I came across  Claire's, where all my favorite accessories to complete my daughter's look come easily at hand!  Claire's has all  the accessories and goodies to go with your kids attire from styling her hair, jewelry,  scarf. up to makeup products to try out different looks. Take a look now!

The holiday season for hot chocolate, and adorable winter accessories is also the best time for giving and receiving gifts!  Be the first to find beautiful things with a little help from GROUPON. Whether you are shopping for yourself, friends or family,  GROUPON can always exceed your expectations for perfect gifts within your budget.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.