"Yakap" Film calls us to embrace Children with Disabilities into the mainstream

Children with disabilities are one of the most marginalized groups in our society. These children face daily discrimination in form of curious stares, pointing fingers, and namecalling. They often experience widespread violations of their rights. They are discriminated not only because of their disability but also because of lack of understanding and knowledge about its causes, implications and stigma.

Last week, The Center for Possibilities Foundation (CFP) invited a few friends for a special screening of “Yakap”, a film that provides a glimpse into a day in the lives of three people: Evangeline “Gelli” Aventajado, a 4-year-old with Down Syndrome; Aaron Joshua “AJ” De Quiroz, an 8-year-old with epilepsy, Autism, and Global Developmental Delay; and Kevin Avelino, a 45-year-old with Global Developmental Delay.

The documentary film Yakap (Embrace) manages to capture the pain and uncertainties of  the three families as they shared their reality with a day-in-a-life treatment. As you listen to parents talk about it, you feel their helplessness as the physical and mental impairment limits the major life activities of their special child. It is painful for the parents to accept that the future of their child is uncertain and you will understand why there is a fierce need to protect their child.

The aim of the film is to raise awareness on the need to accept people with special needs as part of society. Educating the public is an effective way to break the cycle of discrimination and poverty that children with disabilities often face.

“The stories are told from the points of view of their parents. Nothing was scripted, everything that you will see is natural and unplanned,” says Dolores Cheng, founder of the Center for Possibilities (CFP) Foundation, which produced the film.
Michelle Aventajado with her daughter, Evangeline “Gelli”

“More than a film, we are presenting profiles of true courage. Courage of the children whose disabilities are the only reality they have ever known, and who live their lives the only way they know how, in spite of curious stares, pointing fingers, and hidden smiles. And the courage of parents and family members who may have grown up thinking normal was everything but ended up learning that different can be the new normal”.

A project of The Center for Possibilities (CFP) Foundation, the film aims to generate more awareness for the need to respect the potential and promise of persons with special needs, and for all children with disability to be embraced into the mainstream.

A special screening of this wonderfully made film by Danny AƱonuevo is also happening on September 7, at 7pm at the RCBC Theater.

To know more about CFP and to arrange for special screenings of “Yakap”, visit centerforpossibilities.asia or call (02) 723-1242 / (0918) 888-1759.

The Center for Possibilities (CFP) Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to be a sanctuary for children with special needs. Access to school for children with disabilities is often limited by a lack of understanding about their needs, lack of teacher training, unconducive school environment, classroom support and learning resources and facilities.

The CFP foundation supports education plans that take disabled children into account. It has put up SPED schools in remote areas with a professional to work with children with disabilities and affected families. It believes that by giving children with disabilities their right to education, it will have a lifelong impact on their learning, potential economic, social and human development.