Microsoft Philippines transformations the workplace with Office 365 E5

With  53% Active Internet Penetration (as of September 2016), data security and control issues in the complex data-driven enterprises becomes a paramount concern.

Microsoft Philippines recognizes the importance of quality and secure communication, collaboration, and data analytics in this digital age that it brings office technology to a new level as it launches the latest enhancement in its productivity tool, Office 365 E5.

Last September 22, 2016, Microsoft Philippines invited the media to get first dibs on how E5 makes digital transformation of the workplace fast and easy.

Office 365 E5’s advanced features on security, analytics, and real-time communication is now merged into a single suite, making it unique from previous Office 365 Suites.

Office 365 E5 in a nutshell, is like opting for the highest-specification model when venturing into a car dealership, and then adding up a pile of options. It literally offers a menu of options sold to customers. The “premium Office 365 Enterprise Suite” by E5 replaced the old E4 plan.

Office 365 is in a state of constant evolution. Microsoft’s top-of-the-range Office 365 plan includes every piece of functionality available in the service with some features that have been around for a while, some brand new ones, plus future add-ons are not yet available. E5 encompasses the core value of the modern productivity and collaboration capabilities which address:

Real-time Communications: Cloud PBX, PSTN Conferencing, Skype Meeting Broadcast and PSTN Calling as an add-on based on availability

Analytics: End User Analytics with Power BI and Organizational Analytics with Delve Organizational Analytics

Advanced Security: Predictive eDiscovery, Data Loss Protection (DLP), Secure Attachments and Safe URLs with Advanced Threat Protection, and Access Control with Customer Lockbox

Softwares that Microsoft can currently deliver in Office 365, attempts to capture some of that work in a new plan. Additions to the E5 plan include: Advance threat protection, Cloud PBX, PSTN Calling and Conferencing, Data Analytics, and Power BI Pro.

Collaboration anytime and anywhere

Microsoft takes communication and connection into account as it deems it crucial in any organization.  Hence,  E5’s real-time communication makes it easy to  manage calls, conferences, and online meetings from within Office 365 E5. Online meetings can now be hosted for as many as 10,000 people, from anywhere in the world, while creating an interactive discussion through E5's built-in real-time polling, sentiment tracking and Yammer messaging.

Not only do users can join in meetings wherever they are, they can also do so using whatever device they prefer – be it a PC, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.  Opportunities for sharing ideas, knowing and addressing issues, and collaborating with people within or outside the team then becomes a seamless synergy.

Easier control and security

Office 365 E5’s added features on analytics, managing and analyzing large amounts of data are simpler with live dashboards and interactive reports for efficiency and understating.

Office 365 E5’s improved security system are built to better safeguards information. By providing easier access control, E5 reduces cost and inherent risks in data security.

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