Sky Range Cafe

There is an exclusive place where shooting enthusiasts can actually shoot guns, play and dine in!   The Sky Range Cafe is a sprawling 20-lane, state-of-the-art, indoor shooting range  witb an impressive collection of  guns and lethal weapons.

This shooting range  has an air-conditioning system that filters all the smoke and dust from the ammunition.  This exclusive luxury hub for gun enthusiasts is  re-enforced with level 5 bulletproof glass that makes it very safe  to watch from the viewing windows if you want to feel closer where the action is.

Moreover, their theme extends to the delicious menu that they offer.

For appetizers, we got to try out the Ruffled Fat Buckshots. These were chicharon bulaklak served on  onion rings  with vinegar dip and tartar sauce.  I liked the chicharon bulaklak but I found the onion rings   breading too thick.

Combat Arroz Caldo was similar to Hainanese chicken rice porridge with quail eggs.  It had  spring onions . I like the subtle taste of ginger and how it complements the chicken.

Salpicao Nachos was straight up with sauces and beef bits.  The Longganisa Pasta was a huge hit as well.

Their Double Action Chorizo Burger is a juicy burger with delicious gooey cheese sandwiched between the soft buns.

Their Kare-Kare Rib Eye Steak is deconstructed main dish with sauteed vegetables plus steamed rice on the side. The beef chunks came in tender, juicy and flavorful.

Roast Beef Sandwich is something I would recommend next to Kare-Kare. The thick slabs of beef were so good!  And do try out their coffee line up by Yardstick when you go visit soon.

Solaire Resort and Casino, 1 Asean Avenue, Parañaque City
Facebook: SolaireSkyRange
Operating Hours: Mondays-Sundays, 11AM to 7PM
Phone: +632 548 4870, +632 548 4871