Rainy Days are made Super with Goldilocks Soupinoy

It’s that time of the year again, when you trade flip-flops and sunglasses for galoshes and umbrellas. The rainy season is coming in full-force with gray skies, heavier traffic, and rain showers. The sunless rainy season threatens to dampen spirits, but it’s nothing that a hot bowl of a delicious soup can’t fix.

Goldilocks, the country's number one bakeshop, now offers three comforting bowls of sabaw to give you a touch of warmth that never fails to set good mood and rid yourself of the rainy day blues. Goldilocks has Pork Sinigang ang Sinigang Bangus Belly as staples in its Soupinoy line for the past five years. And now, they’re adding the new Goldilocks Lomi to turn the duo into a trio of hearty soups for the tired rained-out soul. Goldilocks Lomi’s thick and tender egg noodles combined with the rich congealed soup makes for a delectable and rejuvenating meal to warm up those cold gloomy days.

What are you waiting for? 'Lika na sa Goldilocks and have hearty bowl of your Soupinoy favorites!

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